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Top 10 classics on traditional Chinese medicine

File photo: Mai Jing (The Pulse Classic) 资料图片:《脉经》

File photo: Mai Jing (The Pulse Classic)
8. Mai Jing (The Pulse Classic) 8. 《脉经》
The "Mai Jing," or the "Pulse Classic," is a masterpiece on TCM's sphygmology written by Wang Shuhe in the 3rd century in the Western Jin Dynasty. Composed of 10 volumes and 98 chapters, it is the first works entirely devoted to pulse study in ancient China. 《脉经》是中医脉学著作,西晋王叔和撰于公元三世纪。全书共分10卷、98篇,是我国现存最早的脉学专著。
Based on the "Huangdi Neijing" ("The Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon"), the "Nan Jing" ("The Huang Emperor's Canon of 81 Difficult Issues") and the views of Zhang Zhongjing and Hua Tuo, the book collected the important material and reference on the pulse diagnosis methods, pathological mechanism reflected by the pulses and the significance of pulse diagnosis before the Jin Dynasty. 本书取《内经》、《难经》以及张仲景、华佗等有关论述,将晋以前的诊脉方法、脉象所反映的病理变化以及脉诊的临床意义等许多重要文献资料均收集保存了下来。
For the first time in the history, the book categorized all the pulse conditions into 24 types and described each in detail. 另外,本书首次将脉象归纳为二十四种,并对每种脉象均作了具体描述。

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