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Dr. Sheldon Cooper's quotes (II)

Sheldon Cooper [Agencies]

Sheldon Cooper [Agencies]
6. 爱情中的薛定谔的猫理论
Sheldon: In 1935, Erwin Schrodinger, in an attempt to explain the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics, he proposed an experiment where a cat is placed in a box with a sealed vial of poison that will break open at a random time. Now, since no one knows when or if the poison has been released until the box is opened, the cat can be thought of as both alive and dead... 谢尔顿:1935年,为了说明哥本哈根学派对于量子物理学的理解,欧文•薛定谔提出了一个实验。他假设:将一只猫和一小瓶密封的毒药一起放进盒子中,而毒药会在某个时间发生泄露。这样一来,在打开盒子之前,没有人知道毒药何时释放,或者是否已经释放出来;因此可以认为,这只猫处于“既是活的、又是死的”叠加状态……
Just like Schrodinger's cat, your potential relationship with Leonard right now can be thought of as both good and bad. It is only by opening the box that you'll find out which it is. 根据同一理论,你(彭妮)和莱纳德即将发展的这段关系当前可认为正处于“既妙不可言、又糟糕透顶”的叠加态。想要知道到底是哪一种情况,你必须首先打开盒子。
7. 如何接近沉睡中的女性
Sheldon: Evolution has made women sensitive to high-pitched noises while they sleep so that they'll be roused by a crying baby. 谢尔顿:人类进化所致,女性在睡眠中对音调高的噪音特别敏感,便于她们被哭闹的婴儿唤醒。
If you want to avoid waking her, speak in a lower register. 如果你不想吵醒她,请将讲话声调维持在低音区以内。
8. “无语了”的科学阐释
Sheldon: Penny's emotional response is originated in the primitive portion of the brain known as the amygdala. While speech is centered in the much more recently developed neo-cortex. The former can easily overpower the latter, giving scientific credence to the notion of being "rendered speechless." Or maybe she just doesn't want to talk. 谢尔顿:彭妮的情绪反应来源于人类大脑中比较原始的部分,也就是扁桃核结构;而话语功能则产生自后来才进化出的新大脑皮层。前者可以轻易统治后者。这就是“无语了”这个概念从科学角度的诠释。或者她只是不想说话。
9. 星座学说之本质
Sheldon: It tells us that you participate in the mass cultural delusion that the sun's apparent position relative to arbitrarily defined constellations at the time of your birth somehow affects your personality. 谢尔顿:我们由此得知你被某种大众文化妄想所蒙蔽,竟然相信你出生当时当地观测到的太阳与胡乱划定的所谓星座之间的相对位置神秘地影响了你的性格。
10. 心灵运输的致命缺陷
Sheldon: Here's the problem with teleportation. Assuming a device could be invented, which would identify the quantum state of matter of an individual in one location and transmit that pattern to a distant location for reassembly. 谢尔顿:心灵运输(心灵学用语,指将物质从某一时空点瞬间传送至另一时空点)存在着一个问题。假设有人发明了一种装置,可以识别构成人类个体的物质的量子状态,然后将这种量子模式从一个地点传送至另一个地点并重新组合。
You would not have actually transported the individual; you would have destroyed him in one location and recreated him in another. 事实上你并非传送了该个体,你是在一个地点将之摧毁,又在另一个地点使其再现。
Personally, I would never use a transporter because the original Sheldon would have to be disintegrated in order to create a new Sheldon. 就我个人来说,我永远不会使用生命传输机。因为只有原始的谢尔顿被分解,才能创造出一个新的谢尔顿。

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