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Thanksgiving: A favorite U.S. holiday

A woman inspects a batch of turkeys at Neighborhood House in Calexico, California, where hundreds of meals are served to needy families every Thanksgiving. [IIP Digital]

A woman inspects a batch of turkeys at Neighborhood House in Calexico, California, where hundreds of meals are served to needy families every Thanksgiving. [IIP Digital]
Colleges serve a special meal for students remaining on campus during Thanksgiving, and international students are often invited to share Thanksgiving with local families. U.S. troops stationed overseas are served a Thanksgiving meal. When Americans at home sit down at the table and give thanks, they often express gratitude for their freedom and the sacrifices made to preserve it. 美国各大学在感恩节时会为在校学生提供一顿特殊的餐饭。通常外国学生还会受邀与当地家庭共渡感恩节。美国驻扎在海外的军人也能享有一顿感恩节大餐。能够在家里欢聚一堂的美国人在表示感恩时,通常会为自己的自由以及为捍卫自由而作出牺牲的人们表达感激之情。
Many people prepare Thanksgiving meals and serve them to the needy. Others donate to food drives, work at food warehouses or deliver groceries to soup kitchens, churches and other charitable groups. 在这一天到来的时候,不少人会参加准备感恩节大餐的工作,向有需要的人供餐。还有些人支持食品捐助活动,到食品仓库干活,或向公益厨房、教堂和其他慈善组织运送食品。
Thanksgiving is the busiest travel period of the year because families make a special effort to be together. Some favorite pastimes include watching television coverage of the annual Macy's Department Store parade in New York and of American football games played around the country. The day after Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, an important time for U.S. retailers. 感恩节是一年中旅行最繁忙的时期。许多家庭会想一切办法举家团聚。人们喜爱的一些娱乐活动有,观看电视直播纽约市每年一度梅西百货商店的大游行以及全国各地举行的美式足球比赛。感恩节后第二天意味着圣诞购物季节的开始,这对美国零售商来说是一个重要的促销季节。
One whimsical Thanksgiving tradition is the annual "pardoning" of a turkey by the U.S. president, who spares the bird from the dinner table. The bird goes on to live out its life at a petting zoo. 感恩节还有一个有趣的传统。美国总统每年会“赦免”一只火鸡,这只火鸡可在宠物园度过余生,免遭成为盘中餐的命运。
Native Americans 美洲印第安人
The harvest celebration of 1621 was followed by a long period of injustice and conflict between Native Americans and Europeans. Many Native Americans in the United States see Thanksgiving as a "National Day of Mourning." However, others enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal at home or in large community gatherings, taking the opportunity to spend a day with family and friends. Each year in southern California, the Morongo Band of Mission Indians donates thousands of turkeys to charities and families in need. 1621年举行丰收庆典活动之后,在印第安人和欧洲移民之间出现了较长时期的不公平和相互冲突的情形。美国许多印第安人视感恩节为“国殇日”。但也有其他印第安人在家中享受感恩节大餐,或参加大型社区集会,并利用这个机会与家人和朋友共渡佳节。南加州的印第安莫龙戈部落每年都为慈善组织和有需求的家庭捐送数千只火鸡。

Native American history and culture are frequently discussed in schools around the Thanksgiving holiday and during November, which is National Native American Heritage Month.

(IIP Digital, November 23, 2011)


(《IIP美国参考》 2011年11月23日)

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