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Siri's most entertaining answers

The centerpiece of the new device is the 'virtual assistant' feature, Siri.

The centerpiece of the new device is the "virtual assistant" feature, Siri.

On Oct. 4, 2011 Apple Inc. unveiled its long-awaited new iPhone 4S, just one day before the death of its co-founder Steve Jobs. The centerpiece of the new device is the "virtual assistant" feature, Siri, which is designed to comprehend a broad range of instructions in natural language. For example, when asked "Do I need a raincoat today?" the device will respond, "It sure looks like rain today."

Millions of iPhone 4S users are fascinated with the voice recognition and talking assistant, which can answer questions, make suggestions and get things done for owners, such as calling people, setting reminders, dictating SMS, looking for weather forecasts and stock information, searching maps, etc.

Some creative iPhone owners have asked Siri questions about almost everything, from the meaning of life, to religion, love and even sex. To their surprise, Siri has given some quite smart answers.

According to Apple Inc., Siri now understands and can speak English, French and German. In 2012, it will support five additional languages, including Chinese.

See some of Siri's most entertaining answers to user questions here.

2011年10月4日,苹果公司发布了大众期待已久的iPhone 4S手机。就在发布会之后的第二天,苹果公司的创始人之一史蒂夫•乔布斯与世长辞。这款新手机最出彩的地方是设计了一位“虚拟助理”,名为Siri。Siri能理解广泛的、用自然的语言表达的指令。比如说,有人问一台iPhone 4S:“我今天需要带雨衣吗?”手机会回答说:“今天看起来是要下雨的样子。”

这位语音助手问世之后,成百上千万的iPhone 4S手机用户都为之神魂颠倒。它不但可以答疑解惑,而且还会提出建议;无论是拨打电话、提醒日程安排、录入短信、查找天气预报和股票信息,还是搜索地图,只要一声令下,Siri都能够为主人搞定。


苹果公司宣布,目前Siri只支持英、法、德三种语言的语音识别和输出。而到了2012年, Siri的应用将扩展到另外五种语言,其中就包括中文。


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