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Top 10 tips for Westerners traveling in Beijing

If you are a Westerner traveling to China for the first time, there may be a few Chinese customs or ways of life that you may find peculiar. Of course, this is true with any unfamiliar culture so your best option is to learn as much as you can before traveling to your new destination.


Elizabeth Rabe and Kristen McAvoy, two American interns for china.org.cn, wrote their top 10 tips for westerners traveling to China after living in Beijing for 8 weeks. We hope this list helps you prepare for your China adventure and minimizes any unpleasant surprises.
伊丽莎白•拉贝(Elizabeth Rabe)和克里斯汀•麦卡沃伊(Kristen McAvoy)是中国网的两个美籍实习生。在北京学习、生活了八周,她们都有哪些特别的感受?通过外国人的视角,让我们一起看看她们总结的来中国旅行的十大注意事项!


  Words to know



Tip 10: Words to know 10、需要掌握的基本表达

Tip 10: Words to know

a. Mai dan – Check

b. Cai dan – Menu

c. Xiexie – Thank you

d. Ni hao – Hello

e. Bing – Ice

f. Shui – Water

g. Bu yao – Don't want it.

h. Learning the numbers 1 through 10 will make your daily life much easier.

1) 买单

2) 菜单

3) 谢谢

4) 你好

5) 冰

6) 水

7) 不要

8) 学会数字从1到10的说法

1   2   3   4   5    

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