In recent years China has become one of the most popular destinations for studying abroad. More than 200,000 overseas students have so far chosen the 'China experience.' has been talking to them and here we publish, in their own words, the stories of ten remarkable students whose experiences prove that life in China is never dull. You will also find lots of useful information about Chinese universities, including contact details and how to apply. Why not tell us about your experiences in China? If you have a story to tell please email

Coming back to China
Umme Aiman Ahmad (Moutushi), a Bangladeshi, is currently following an MID program in the School of Public Policy & Management of Tsinghua University.
China, a world of mysteries
Francis Tchiegue, a warm-hearted African from Cameroon and a free-thinking doctor-to-be from China's Beihang University, has become a spotlight celebrity on the Chinese stage.
From sports fan to Chinese medicine enthusiast
Xavier Fricker is young sports fan from Luxembourg who was a regular user of traditional Chinese medical treatments in his home country when he suffered injuries.
Beninese performs Chinese art
Maurice Gountin's vague impression of China before he came to the country is rather interesting.
Have a dish of Chinese University
Joseph Foster Ellis, a student from New York who now studies at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, speaks fluent Mandarin. He has a Chinese name 周易(Zhou Yi).
Malte Rasch's student life in China
Malte Rasch began studying Chinese language after completing his doctorate, because he thinks the best way to get to know a country and its people is to learn its language.
A Tai Chi fan from Germany
Heike Barteis, a slim and beautiful woman from Cologne, took Tai Chi lessons for years in Germany, and finally decided to come to Beijing Sports University (BSU) to study it full time.
A China fan from St. Petersburg
He is Semion Voronin from St. Petersburg and this story reveals his fascination with the Chinese language.
Loving China for its language
Overseas students come to China for all kinds of reasons. For Eric, it's the Chinese language that attracted him.
Cheer and challenge, far from home
Focusing her research on China's modern art market, Christine's study also includes soaking up Chinese culture and attempting to master a new language.
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