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Cooperation in Nuclear Data

By:The Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies

Cooperation in Nuclear Data 

China started international cooperation and exchanges in nuclear data in 1978, and has since established a cooperative relationship with the IAEA, OECD/NEA, and major nuclear data centers and institutions around the world. China shares data with the IAEA's International Network of Nuclear Reaction Data Centers (NRDC), the International Network of Nuclear Structure and Decay Data Evaluation (NSDD) and the International Nuclear Data Evaluation Network (INDEN), participates in the activities of the OECD/NEA Working Party on International Nuclear Data Evaluation Co-operation (WPEC), and has undertaken many research tasks under those cooperative frameworks. China's involvement also includes hosting various conferences and meetings in cooperation with the international nuclear data community, such as the 14th International Nuclear Data Conference (ND2019) with 508 participants from 32 countries, the IAEA's 26th International Nuclear Data Committee (INDC) Meeting and the International Network of Nuclear Reaction Data Centers (NRDC) Meeting. China also works with Japan, the Republic of Korea, India and other countries to strengthen cooperation in nuclear data research in Asia. 

Since 1984, China has released a series of Chinese Evaluated Nuclear Data Library (CENDL), a large amount of experimental nuclear data obtained by Chinese researchers, and various innovative technologies related to nuclear data measurement and evaluation, as part of China's contribution to the peaceful uses of nuclear data. 


中国自1978年开始对外核数据合作交流,与国际原子能机构、经合组织核能机构以及国际上的主要核数据中心与机构建立了良好的合作关系。中国参加了国际原子能机构的“核反应数据中心协作网”“核结构和衰变数据协作网”和“国际核数据评价协作网”、经合组织 /核能机构组织的“国际核数据评价合作”等国际合作并承担这些合作项目中的研究任务。中国积极承担国际核数据界各项活动,承办了有32个国家508名科学家参加的“第十四届国际核数据大会”、国际原子能机构“第二十六届国际核数据委员会会议”“国际核反应数据中心协作网会议”等。中国还与日本、韩国、印度等国一起积极组织、推动亚洲地区核数据研究合作。 


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