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Xi Jinping Thought on Eco-Civilization

By:The Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies

Xi Jinping Thought on Eco-Civilization

Xi Jinping thought on eco-civilization is an important component of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.

It offers answers to theoretical and practical questions on building an eco-civilization such as what the goal is and how to achieve it, and thus enriches Marxist thought on the relationship between humanity and nature. It reflects a deeper understanding on the part of the Communist Party of China (CPC) of the laws underlying the development of socialism, and gives full expression to the CPC's founding mission, governance philosophy and sense of responsibility. It also provides valuable guidance on strengthening China's eco-environmental protection and raising its eco-civilization to a new level, and serves as the cornerstone of building a beautiful China and promoting the sustainable development of the Chinese nation.

One outcome of the National Conference on Eco-environmental Protection held in May 2018 was its summarization of Xi Jinping thought on eco-civilization. Addressing the conference, Xi Jinping put forward the principles to apply in building an eco-civilization.

For the first time, he raised the idea of developing a system for creating an eco-civilization. This means building a culture promoting eco-values, an economy highlighting eco-friendly industries and industrialization of environmental protection activities, a responsibility system for achieving the goal of improving the eco-environment, a system of institutions for building an eco-civilization supported by modernized governance, and a security system prioritizing well-functioning ecosystems and effective control of environmental risks.

This set a framework for building an eco-civilization based on a philosophy, material foundations, institutional support, clearly defined responsibilities, and an end-goal. It will guide the effort to build a beautiful China and offer a Chinese approach to eco-civilization in building a community with a shared future for humanity.




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