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Hehe Culture

By:The Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies

Hehe Culture

Hehe Culture is part of the cream of traditional Chinese culture. Xi Jinping once summarized Hehe Culture quite concisely in his work Zhejiang, China: A New Vision for Development: "Our ancestors created an incomparable culture, a quintessential part of which is the Hehe culture. The first 'He' of Hehe indicates harmony, peace, and balance. The second 'He' indicates convergence, unity, and cooperation. Such inclusiveness is reflected in the traditional thinking of 'valuing harmony and esteeming balance,' 'being understanding and open-minded,' 'embracing the world through virtue,' and 'living in harmony without uniformity.' This is a cultural ideal that our people seek. Harmony between nature and society and between the individual and the group is the ideal of our people and the basis of our cohesiveness and creativity."



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