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2018 Shanghai Book Fair kicks off

A total of 150,000 kinds of books were displayed and more than 500 publishers participated in the 2018 Shanghai Book Fair which kicked off on Wednesday.

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Scenery captured aboard Tian'en vessel

After leaving China's Lianyungang Port, the "Tian En" will sail along the Arctic's Northeast Passage, a waterway known as the Polar Silk Road, and visit Europe.

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Intangible cultural heritage exhibition held in Hohhot

An intangible cultural heritage inheritor (L) demonstrates the making process of embroidery of Tu ethnic group during an exhibition in Hohhot.

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Finish ceremony of Silk Way Rally-2018

The finish ceremony of Silk Way Rally-2018 was held on Red Square in Moscow, Russia, on July 27.

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55-year-old farmer and his wooden bicycle

The 55-year-old farmer He Yong successfully made a 1.8-meter-long and 0.98-meter-high wooden bicycle in 2017. The bike was made purely of wood, including walnut and elm.