Day in pictures
NBA basketball player Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers shows his moves to a young player in Hong Kong, south China, July 24, 2009. Bryant was in Hong Kong as part of his Asia tour. [Xinhua]
Day in pictures: Jul. 25
He Chong of China, Troy Dumais of U.S., Alexandre Despatie show their medals during the awarding ceremony after the Men's 3m Springboard Final in the 13th FINA World Championships in Rome, Italy, July 23, 2009. He Chong won the gold medal with 505.20 points. Troy Dumais and Alexandre Despatie respectively won the silver and bronze medal with 498.40 and 490.30 points.
Day in pictures: Jul. 24
The Kaiser Chiefs performs on the main stage of the 34th Paleo music festival in Nyon July 21, 2009.
Day in pictures: Jul. 23
Two Afghan policemen stand near the body of a suicide bomber killed by security personnel in Gardiz of Paktia Province, southeastern Afghanistan, July 21, 2009. Nine suicide bombers launched attacks in two provinces of Afghanistan on Tuesday, three of them in Nangarhar Province and six others in Gardiz of Paktia Province in an attempt to target governmental institutions. The attacks left 10 people dead and two policemen injured.
Day in pictures: Jul. 22
A pair young Japanese hold their traditional wedding ceremony at a shrine in Tokyo, capital of Japan, July 20, 2009. Holding a traditional wedding ceremony in ancient shrines has become the choice of many newlyweds in Japan. [Xinhua]
Day in pictures: Jul. 21
Children simulate to view solar eclipse with goggles as a preparation for the coming one on July 22, in north China's Tianjin, July 19, 2009. A total solar eclipse will be seen on July 22 in the area along the Yangtze River in central China, while a partial solar eclipse could be seen in Beijing, capital of China, and Tianjin.
Day in pictures: Jul. 20
2009 ESPY Awards held in Los Angeles July 15, 2009. The awards show will be telecast on ESPN July 19. [Xinhua/Reuters]
Day in pictures: Jul. 17
Yuliya Obraztsova, 25, receives her crown after winning the 'Miss Moscow 2009' beauty contest in Moscow, late July 15, 2009.[China Daily/Agencies]
Day in pictures: Jul. 16
France celebrated its National Day on Tuesday.
Day in pictures: Jul. 15
NBA Cleveland Cavaliers center Shaquille O'Neal (L) presents a basketball shoe with his signature to Shi Yongxin, abbot of Shaolin Temple, during his promotional tour in Shaolin Temple, central China's Henan province, July 13, 2009. [Xinhua]
Day in pictures: Jul. 14
Photo taken on July 12, 2009 shows the flooded streets at the Nanba Town of Yihan County in Dazhou City, southwest China's Sichuan Province. [Xinhua]
Day in pictures: Jul. 13
Scroll down for the video: The video of babies performing skating stunts has been watched over 4 million times on YouTube lone in the last week alone. []
Day in pictures: Jul. 10
Photo taken on July 7, 2009 shows the Hukou Waterfall on the Yellow River in Jixian County, north China's Shanxi Province, July 7, 2009. [Xinhua]
Day in pictures: Jul. 9
The Tokyo tower decorated with lights of white lamps is seen in Tokyo, capital of Japan, in the photo taken on July 7, 2009. From July 7, Tokyo tower were decked with 180 white energy-saving lamps instead of some of the traditional yellow lamps to illuminate the tower with more 'summer cool color'.
Day in pictures: Jul. 8
Soldiers help to clean up a silt-filled street after floods hit Liuzhou city, southwest Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, on July 6, 2009. [Xinhua]
Day in pictures: Jul. 7
The Independence Day Parade is held along the Constitutional Ave in Washington, capital of the US, July 4, 2009. For the first Independence Day since the outbreak of the economic crisis, the celebration in Washington D.C. maintained its luxury and grandeur. [Xinhua]
Day in pictures: Jul. 6
Day in pictures
Day in pictures: Jul. 4
A Palestinian woman inspects her damaged house after an Israeli attack in central Gaza strip July 2, 2009. Israel shelled the Hamas-controlled Gaza on Thursday, killing a Palestinian teenage girl, hospital workers said. An Israeli military spokeswoman said there had been clashes between soldiers and Palestinian militants near a border crossing in the area. [Xinhua]
Day in pictures: Jul. 3
The mascot of the 25th World Universiade enters the meeting place ahead of the flag-raising ceremony of Chinese delegation at the Universiade Village in Belgrade, Serbia, June 30, 2009. The 25th World University Games will be on staged on July 1-12 in Belgrade.
Day in pictures: Jul. 2
82-year-old Yuan Xiuying shows her paper-cut work in Zherong County, southeast China's Fujian Province, June 30, 2009. Yuan Xiuying is an inheritor of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Zherong County. The paper-cuts in Zherong County have been sold to many countries and regions including USA, Canada, Australia, Egypt and Singapore.
Day in pictures: Jul. 1
Spain tenor Placido Domingo (1st L), Chinese singer Song Zuying (2nd L), Chinese pianist Lang Lang (3rd L) and Chinese Taipei pop singer Jay Chou pose for a group photo at a press conference in Beijing, China, June 28, 2009, one day before their concert at the Bird's Nest in Beijing.
Day in pictures: Jun. 30
Supporters of the United Front of Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) attend an anti-government rally at Sanam Luang in Bangkok, capital of Thailand, on June 27, 2009. Core leaders of a renewed anti-government rally in Bangkok on Saturday said their protest will be peaceful as they are demanding the coalition government to dissolve the House of Representatives and hold a general election.
Day in pictures: Jun. 29
A parachuter performs style jumping at the opening ceremony of an invitational skydiving competition in Kaifeng, central China's Henan Province, June 25, 2009. More than 40 parachuting athletes take part in the competition.
Day in pictures: Jun. 26
Gaston Caperton, president of College Board, and Xu Lin, editor-in-chief of Hanban, sign an initiatives agreement to facilitate further bilateral cooperation between China and the US, in Beijing's Confucius Institute Headquarters on Wednesday afternoon, June 24th, 2009.
Day in pictures: Jun. 25
A trapped worker is helped out of a flooded gold mine in Tianzhu County of Qiandongnan Autonomous Prefecture of Miao and Dong Nationalities, southwest China's Guizhou Province, June 23, 2009. All seven trapped workers in a flooded gold mine in the county were saved on June 23 after a 20-hour rescue effort.
Day in pictures: Jun. 24
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