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A snapshot of Mount Hua
11th National Oil Painting Works Exhibition opens in Wuhan
A snapshot of Tianzi Mountain
National Day fireworks rehearsal a visual feast
Head in the cloud
Top 10 honeymoon cities in China
7th China Flowers Expo to kick off in Beijing
Seventh Qinghai folk handicrafts exhibition held in Xining
Participants take part in Huaiyang cuisine contest in Yangzhou
7th China Int'l Garden & Flower Expo opens in Jinan
Wang Cun,Hibiscus town
Butterfly zoology park opens in Kunming
A landscape comes from a landfill in Tangshan
Detian Waterfall
Best places in China to capture autumn
Traditional handicraft competition held in Kaili, SW China
Lavish wetlands nourished by Argun River
The 20th Shanghai Tourism Festival opens
The gorgeous sea of daylily flowers
Interesting folk putty-made toy in Henan: Nigugu
Tibetan people celebrate bath festival
Residents in Urumqi enjoy weekend
Beautiful scenery of terrace fields in Dazhai
Hibiscus town: a Tujia ethnic minority village
Splendid 'echo spring' waterfalls: Sanla waterfalls
Happy tour around Hengshui Lake
Climb for a bottle of spring water
Southern Great Wall
Giant bronze sculpture show held in Shenyang
Heavenly scenery of cloud sea in Beijing
Night view of Guanyinshan sand sculpture park in Xiamen, SE China
Huang Guoshu waterfall - the most beautiful waterfall in China
Breathtaking scenery in Tibet
Unique scenery of Danxia landform in Gansu
Three faces of ancient Phoenix