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Nearly 90% flu in China last week were A/H1N1

The A/H1N1 influenza cases accounted for 89.4 percent of all flu cases reported in the Chinese mainland last week, almost 3 percentage points higher than the figure of the previous week, China's Ministry of Health said Wednesday.

The mainland reported 10,828 cases of A/H1N1 flu from Nov. 9 to 15, with 28 deaths, said a notice issued on the ministry's website.

The ministry advised the public to keep warm in cold and snowy weather, wash hands frequently and keep rooms ventilated.

The ministry also said starting from this Wednesday, it would update A/H1N1 flu information only once a week. Previously, it offered updates three times a week.

Latest figures from the ministry showed that almost 70,000 A/H1N1 flu cases had been reported in the mainland by Sunday, with 53 deaths in total, and that about 16.6 million people had been vaccinated.