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Consultation should be kept up on nuclear issues

China and the United States should keep up communication and consultation on issues concerning each other's major interests such as the Iran nuclear issue and the Korean nuclear issue.

Ma Zhaoxu, spokesman of the Chinese delegation attending the strategic track of the on-going second round of China-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialogues (S&ED), made the remarks at a press briefing after the first meeting of the strategic track on Monday.

"The two countries should also enhance consultation and cooperation on counter-terrorism, non-proliferation and the fight against cross-border crimes," Ma said.

On Monday afternoon, officials from China and the United States held two rounds of meetings, during the second half of which they discussed how to strengthen cooperation on major international and regional issues, and cooperation on international system reform and Asia-Pacific regional cooperation mechanism building.

"The S&ED, as an important platform, provides the two sides a good channel to discuss and consider cooperation in this regard," Ma said.

Ma told the press the other four suggestions China proposed for further enhancing bilateral cooperation, including:

-- To give full respect and consideration to each other's major interests and concerns while carrying out cooperation;

-- To follow the globally-recognized rules guiding international relations, and peacefully resolve regional hot issues through dialogue and negotiation;

-- To deal with disputes with an objective and calm attitude, and not to let the overall situation of China-U.S. cooperation deteriorate due to temporary difficulties;

-- To expand cooperation, especially communication and consultation in such areas as climate change and energy security, so as to benefit the two countries and the world as a whole.

He said mutual understanding and trust between the two countries had increased after the past rounds of strategic dialogues. The two sides have defined their relationship as positive, cooperative, comprehensive and 21st-century-oriented.

The military relationship was also an agenda in Monday's talks, despite their bilateral military exchanges being suspended since the U.S. arms sales to Taiwan earlier this year.

"In the meeting, delegates from the Chinese Liberation Army said the Chinese side always attaches importance to mutual trust and cooperation with the U.S. side. However, respect for each other's core interests is an important basis for the development of a sound and stable China-U.S. military relationship. China will continue military exchanges and cooperation with the United States in the principle of mutual respect, mutual trust, equity and reciprocity," Ma said.

Prior in the morning, the two countries' delegates held an hour-long close door meeting of the strategic track. Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton co-chaired the talks.