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Dogs fitted with chips in run-up to Asian Games

"The dogs will not have to be anaesthetized when they have the chip injected, as it is painless," he said.

With the chips injected into the dogs, police can easily help the dog owners find their pets if they get lost, Luo added.

Chen Cuizhi, a dog owner in Guangzhou's Yuexiu district, said injecting the dogs with the chips was good news for most dog owners.

"I can seek police help when my pet gets lost or is stolen in the future," she told China Daily on Monday.

"With the injection of the chip, dog owners can no longer deny it when their dogs have done something wrong," said Feng Chenyang, who was bitten by a dog last month.

Guangzhou has so far granted licenses to more than 40,000 pet dogs since the Management Rules on Raising Dogs in Guangzhou was introduced in July of 2009.

To enhance the management of dogs and provide a better service to the dog owners, relevant departments have jointly opened a special website for locals where they can apply for a dog license, pay annual fees, and exchange views on raising dogs.

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