58% Chinese favor same retirement age for men, women

Xinhua, March 30, 2011

Over half of respondents in a survey in China endorsed an equal retirement age for both men and women, according to a report released from the All-China Women's Federation on Tuesday.

The report was based on the survey conducted to gain insight into attitudes held by different social groups towards equal retirement age for both genders.

Among the 4,188 respondents, 58.1 percent were in favor of an equal retirement age for both male and female laborers. Meanwhile, 66.8 percent of respondents voted in favor of an equal retirement age for both male and female managerial personnel and technicians.

However, among female laborers, only 48.4 percent were in favor of having the same retirement age as their male counterparts.

At present, China adopts a differentiated retirement age policy. The regulations stipulate a retirement age of 60 for male managerial personnel and technicians, 55 for their female counterparts, and 55 for male laborers and 50 for their female counterparts.

The report said the research results would provide a reference for policymakers to reconsider the retirement policy.

The survey involves over 4,500 women and men in four provinces across China. There were 4,188 samples that were eligible for the study.

The report also noted several negative effects of the differentiated retirement age policy such as the reluctance of employers to invest in the education of female employees or on-the-job vocational training.

In addition, the research called for a flexible retirement age for female laborers and different policies for different groups.