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China lists illegal food additives


China blacklisted 151 illegal or regulated substances that have been found in food and feed over the past nine years, Xinhua reports. 新华社报道,在过去的九年里,中国已公布151种食品和饲料中违禁及滥用添加剂的名单。
The list, compiled by the State Council's food safety committee, includes 47 inedible materials likely to be illegally added to food, 22 food additives easily abused and 82 substances forbidden in feed and drinking water for animals. 这份由国务院食品安全委员会办公室列出的名单包括47种可能在食品中“违法添加的非食用物质”、22种“易滥用食品添加剂”和82种“禁止在饲料、动物饮用水和畜禽水产养殖过程中使用的药物和物质”的名单。
Tonyred, an industrial coloring agent, and ractopamine, which is used to promote leanness in pigs, are among the materials listed. 工业用染色剂苏丹红以及增加猪瘦肉量的“瘦肉精”都在名单之列。

According to Chinese law, criminals producing and selling toxic or hazardous food could face a penalty as severe as the death penalty.

(China.org.cn April 25, 2011)