Top 10 legendary Chinese women in the 1930s

By Elaine Duan, August 15, 2011

  Wang Renmei


Wang Renmei, one of the 'Top 10 legendary women of China in 1930s.'

Wang Renmei. [Photo:] 

Wang Renmei (1915-1987) was known as one of the Four Divas in the 1930s along with Li Lili, Xue Lingxian and Hu Jia. Among them, Wang was best known for her singing.

Wang started to act as a lead in the film "Wild Rose" in 1931. Her outgoing and bold personality was a hit with movie-goers. When magazines showed her latest styles, many young educated women rushed to follow suit.

Later, Wang starred in "Song of the Fisherman," the first Chinese film to win a prize in an international film festival – held in Moscow. This highlighted the peak of her career.

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