DOGTV helps lonely dogs stay busy

CNTV, April 19, 2012


In the US, a new channel, DOGTV has been launched to help pet owners keep their four legged friends busy, while they are away from home.

No gunshots, explosions, or heavy metal music, no commercials or reruns. The creators of DOGTV say they have shot the shows from a dogs' point of view.

Some pet owners seem already convinced.

A dog owner Mary Catania said, "It's definitely different than regular television. You'll see lot's of greens and yellows because dogs can see those colors the most."

Just like us, dogs need socialization and for something to do.

Like humans, they suffer from stress when left alone for periods.

Separation anxiety, in which the dog finds it difficult to be separated from its owner, is one of the most common behavioral problems in dogs. To help release their stress, DOGTV offers three types of programs: relaxing, stimulating and positive behavioral reinforcement.

"He will you know jump up on the TV consul and try and get into the television. He just gets really excited to watch it and it's a great occupier for him because he's always looking to get into trouble," said Catania.

During production, colors and sounds are altered, and the music is specially written to cater to a dog's sensitive ears.

And with the right technology, one day, your beloved pet may even be able to sniff DOGTV.