How to deal with 70,000 boxes of defective Coke?

People's Daily, May 4, 2012

After the investigation and survey by the media and supervision department about the incident of chlorine-contained Coke from April 17 to April 28, the Coca-Cola Company, which previously denied that the chlorine is added to Coke, finally admitted that parts of its products contain chlorine.

The Coca-Cola Company is not the only foreign company to have the quality problem. [From People's Daily]

In addition to simple apology, the Coca-Cola Company just guaranteed that the 76,000 boxes of chlorine-contained Coke in the market are not harmful to human body. We cannot see any sincerity from the apology but arrogance.

The Coca-Cola Company appeared to be very confident throughout the whole incident these days. Just as what the official of Shanxi quality supervision department said in an interview, the Coca-Cola Company underestimated the determination and ability of our government and the ability of ordinary people to distinguish right from wrong.

Why is the Coca-Cola Company so arrogant?

It may come from the monopolistic position of Coca-Cola Company. Relying on the control of market share and the acceptance of consumers, the company was so overweening that it dared to put defective products in the market.

The arrogance was formed in a long period of time.

The national standard does not include chlorine test in the beverage test and the supervision department can only order suspend production and rectification in accordance with relevant laws and regulations even if they ascertains that the company deliberately put the chlorine-contained products in the market. The punishment is very light due to regulatory weakness and legal absence.

The Coca-Cola Company is not the only foreign company to have the quality problem.

In recent years, many foreign brands that are known for their good quality were embroiled in quality scandals in China. We must strengthen supervision, perfect regulations and improve the market to put an end to the arrogance of the Coca-Cola Company.

However, the most important thing currently is how to properly deal with the 76,000 boxes of Coke in the market. Will it recall the defective products and make compensation for consumers or end it up with nothing definite? This is the problem that both the Coca-Cola Company and the supervision department cannot avoid.