Imax unveils latest multi-theater deal in China

CRI, June 8, 2012

Chinese exhibitor Omnijoi Cinema Development has inked its third deal with the giant screen exhibitor in the last two years, this time for five more digital screens.

Imax is selling Chinese exhibitor Omnijoi Cinema Development another five giant screen theaters in China.

The deal follows Omnijoi, formerly known as Jiangsu Eudemonia Blue Ocean Cinema Development, in August 2011 doubling its stable of Imax digital theatres to eight.

With the latest agreement, Omnijoi is to install five digital theaters in the cities of Qingdao, Nantong, Suzhou, and two unspecified locations, with all to open in 2014 and 2015.

The Chinese exhibitor in February 2011 inked its first deal to launch an Imax theater in Suzhou Xinsu Tiandi International's Cineplex at Xinsu Plaza, and in another three multiplexes in Kunming, Taizhou and in Xuzhou, in Jiangsu province.

After the box office success of the Chinese-language film Flying Swords of Dragon Gate at the Imax theatre in Suzhou, Omnijoi is acquiring more large format screens to show Chinese films alongside Hollywood titles in its multiplexes.

Thursday's deal brings to 225 the number of screens Imax is contracted to open in China, with 92 of the screens already in operation.