Beidou system urged to speed up global coverage

By Chen Boyuan, September 6, 2013

Beidou Navigation Satellite System

Beidou Navigation Satellite System [File photo]

China's own Beidou Navigation Satellite System is urged to speed up its capability in terms of global coverage and comprehensive efficiency. Xu Qiliang, vice chairman of CPC Central Military Commission announced the requirement on Tuesday.

Xu, while attending the commendation meeting on the No.2 Beidou Satellite Project, said the success of the project showed the country's confidence in putting forward innovation. He reiterated that China's aerospace engineers ought to strive for continuous success in the country's independent sat-nav project.

The Beidou Satellite Navigation System has already been put into use in many areas across China.

In the system, a total of five geostationary orbit satellites and 30 non-geostationary orbit satellites operate in space. Meanwhile, a certain number of stations, including the main control stations and the monitoring stations, operate from the ground. In addition, the terminators of the system are installed in the devices sold to users.

The navigation system has already been put into use in many areas of China. In May of this year, the country announced it would invest 7 billion yuan (US$1.13 billion) to continue the system's development.

Zhang Youxia, director of the PLA General Armaments Department, who also attended the conference, said the success of Beidou required high reliability in its operation, high stand in its global deployment and high efficiency in its marketization.