Premier Li affirms support for HK, December 17, 2013

Premier Li Keqiang (right) affirms his support of the Hong Kong Government’s work, in a meeting with Chief Executive CY Leung. []

Premier Li Keqiang says the Central Government will continue to support the Hong Kong Government and the Chief Executive in administering Hong Kong according to the law.

Mr Li met Chief Executive CY Leung in Beijing Tuesday, and said the Central Government will continue to uphold the principles of ‘One country, two systems’ and ‘Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong’, as well as the Basic Law.

He said the Central Government will deepen co-operation between the Mainland and Hong Kong, adding Beijing will do its best for anything that is beneficial to Hong Kong's well-being and prosperity.

Mr Li noted Hong Kong's achievements in economic growth, and said he hopes the Hong Kong Government can grasp its chance to retain its competitiveness, adding he has confidence in the city's future.

Mr Leung said this year, with the Central Government’s support, Hong Kong’s economy has grown and property prices have stabilised.

The Hong Kong Government will make use of the Central Government's policies for sustainable development, and will contribute to the country’s growth, he added.

Mr Leung also mentioned the Hong Kong Government has launched its public consultation exercise on the methods for selecting the Chief Executive in 2017 and for forming the Legislative Council in 2016. He said he believes people from different sectors can forge a consensus under the framework of the Basic Law and decisions by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee.