Belarus tests air defense missile system Tor-M2

Xinhua, February 27, 2014

The Belarusian Armed Forces tested Wednesday air defense missile system Tor-M2.

It was the first time a Tor-M2 system had been tested in Belarus, Belarusian Defense Ministry said.

The exercise, carried out by the 120th Air Defense Missile Brigade, was primarily aimed at testing the weapon system itself as well as the special carrier vehicles, the ministry said.

Belarusian Defense Minister Yuri Zhadobin said the military exercise also tested the readiness of the troops to carry out training missions and autonomous highly-maneuverable actions.

Zhadobin stressed that all the four targets were shot down with four missiles. "The exercise verified the weaponry's performance as specified by the manufacturer and the personnel's ability to handle the new weaponry," he added.

The 120th Air Defense Missile Brigade received the third air defense missile battery Tor-M2 only in December 2013. The exercise was the final phase of the field deployment of the 120th Air Defense Missile Brigade.