3 Chinese convicted in factory fire that killed 7 in Italy

CRI, January 14, 2015

Three people of Chinese descent have been convicted of manslaughter in connection with a factory fire which left 7 Chinese migrants dead in Italy in 2013.

The Chinese part-owner of the factory, along with two of the factory's managers, has been sentenced to multi-year terms behind bars.

The Italian owners of the factory are being tried separately.

Tiziano Veltri is a lawyer who represents victim's family.

"The victims' relatives have lost their loved ones, and they are workers and people from the countryside. It's not been easy for them to deal with the Italian justice system."

The courts have determined the factory's fire exit was blocked by piles of flammable fabric, something the defense disputed.

The three defendants have also been convicted of exploiting clandestine labor and failing to use proper safety measures.