'Monster Hunt' reshoots after dropping actor Kai Ko

By Zhang Rui China.org.cn, February 3, 2015

Actor Kai Ko announced that he has officially quit the cast of the upcoming movie "Monster Hunt," directed by Raman Hui. The movie studio will reshoot his scenes.

Kai Ko [Photo/Xinhua] 


"I have to say goodbye to 'Monster Hunt' for a while. I hate to let go of my monster son Wuba...Farewell buddy! Take good care of him for me plz... @JingBoran, @BaiBaihe. Thanks and love you all!" the young Taiwanese actor wrote on his microblog on Monday.

Actor Jing Boran will replace Kai Ko in the film, the studio later announced. The film also stars Bai Baihe, Yan Ni, Jiang Wu, Eric Tsang, Sandra Ng and Wallace Chung.

Ko was arrested along with fellow celebrity Jaycee Chan, son of Hong Kong kung fu star Jackie Chan. The two were detained in the Chinese capital after they were found smoking marijuana at a foot massage parlor.

A document dated Sept. 29 and issued by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television asked TV stations and film companies of all levels to urgently ban actors, directors and screenwriters who have records of misdeeds, including arrests for drugs, gambling, and prostitution.

Rumors that Ko had been replaced with another actor in "Monster Hunt" began as early as November 2014, but the studio, Edko Films Ltd., remained vague about Kai Ko's participation until now.

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