Xi's tour to be a milestone in China-US relations

Xinhua, September 23, 2015

The following is the translation of an article by Cui Tiankai, Chinese ambassador to the U.S., published on the overseas edition of the People's Daily on Monday.

Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Cui Tiankai [File photo] 

At the invitation of U.S. President Barack Obama, Chinese President Xi Jinping will pay a state visit to the United States. This visit will not only concern the future development of bilateral relations, but also profoundly impact the international and regional situation. It will surely inject new momentum in the building of a new type of major-country relations between China and the U.S..

In the past two years, Xi and Obama had held talks at Sunnylands and Zhongnanhai. Focusing on the future of bilateral ties, the two presidents called for building a new type of major-country relations, trying to avoid conflict or confrontation while embracing mutual respect and win-win cooperation.

Guided by this important consensus, China and the United States have been exploring and made progress and achievements in the building of a new type of major-country relations.

However, the path has not always been smooth, as China-U.S. relations are not without problems or challenges. The two sides are facing the common mission of building the new type of major-country relations and avoiding the Thucydides Trap.

Perseverance and determination are needed in building the new type major-country relations. The success of all great causes are not always smooth or achieved in one move. The last leg of an endeavor is the hardest to finish. Building the new type of major-country relations is a historic issue that has no precedent for reference.

Only by viewing China-U.S. relations with strategic importance and keeping in mind the overall situation can bilateral relations prevent becoming stuck on problems and ensure that it develops in the right direction.

Xi's visit is a key opportunity for the two presidents to communicate on strategic issues and clarify the future path of bilateral ties. We hope and believe that the two sides will make clear and positive signals in building a new type of major-country relationship.

Building a new type of major-country relations is a goal, but also a process which needs new momentum. "From shore to shore the river seems wide at high tide, before fair wind a single sail is lifting."

In the new situation, China and the U.S. have more fields to cooperate, and they should cooperate. The two countries should innovate thinking, explore cooperation potential and nurture bright spots.

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