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Earthquake heroine: Jiang Min
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Jiang Min, a policewoman attached to the Supervision Room of Pengzhou Public Security Bureau, worked on the earthquake relief frontlines.

From one perspective she needs to look and mourn for these dead relatives; from another, her job requires that she care for some of the thousands of people in disaster areas. Jiang Min chose the latter while working through her own grief.

"I know even if I return to Beichuan I couldn't have saved my mother and daughter. And now there are so many people from disaster areas that need to be resettled," she explained.

On the frontlines, Jiang kept herself busy every day and pined away little by little.

More than 4,000 victims are being relocated in Tianpeng Middle School. In spite of her great sorrow, Jiang Min maintains order, sends water and supplies, and pitches tents here every day. Some colleagues said, "Jiang Min always stared blankly at the children from disaster areas. She must have been missing her own daughter."

"My husband went on his own to search our relatives in Beichuan. After returning, he told me that Beichuan had been in ruins and it was impossible to find them. He said we had been lucky to survive. There were many families without a single survivor. Let's love others and do what we must do!"

All her colleagues said that Jiang Min gradually spoke less and less words, but did more and more things. She was reducing her grief through labor.

From May 12 to 18, Jiang Min had never left her post for a week.

"I become strong not by myself, but due to the encouragement others have given me.

"I feel I'm not alone. Everyone is fighting this battle together with me."

Jiang Min says that she now is concerned more about the pain of her colleagues and people in disaster areas than her own.

"Two of my colleagues, Chang Ruiguang and Chen Jing, were on duty at the Baishui River, Longmenshan town when the earthquake struck. We haven't heard about them since then.

"Moreover, many of my colleagues have risked their lives to work on the frontlines day and night. Many have been injured, but they continue to silently serve the people with immense dedication. The honor belongs to them," Jiang Min says.

"During this period, I feel grief but also I feel comfort. Disaster is the sum of fortune. When people unite together like a family, everything can be overcome."

Regarding her future life, Jiang Min says, "After the earthquake, I hope to lead a simple life just as before. I wish a happy life to everyone who suffered here in disaster areas. I hope we'll never experience another earthquake."

(China.org.cn by Wang Wei, May 31, 2008)

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