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Xi underscores unswerving adherence to 'one country, two systems'

​President Xi Jinping on Friday reaffirmed the central government's long-term and unswerving adherence to the principle of "one country, two systems" in Hong Kong and Macao, when he met with the chief executives of the two special administrative regions (SARs).

China, ROK to have more win-win cooperation

​China and the Republic of Korea (ROK) agreed to cooperate more in various fields to promote the well-being of the two peoples and regional stability.

13th Beijing-Tokyo Forum opens in Beijing

Hundreds of representatives from China and Japan gathered in Beijing to discuss the world economic order and peace in Asia.
Senior CPC official calls for enhanced China-Japan trust

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  • The Beijing-Tokyo Forum

    The 13th Beijing-Tokyo Forum, a major platform for nongovernmental dialogue between China and Japan, will mainly focus on building a world order that is more open, and safeguarding the peace of Asia.

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​Dangerous myth of 'economic nationalism:' Bannon's deceptions about China & U.S.

Former Trump policy guru Steve Bannon is now preaching a toxic political gospel that is totally insular and in sharp contrast to the broad vision of President Xi Jinping.


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