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China stresses differentiated epidemic control strategies

Chinese authorities Monday stressed precise and differentiated strategies in the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus epidemic.

China toughens wildlife trade ban, postpones annual legislative session to fight epidemic

China's top legislature on Monday decided to impose a full ban on illegal wildlife trade and postpone its annual session amid the fight against the novel coronavirus disease outbreak.

COVID-19 has pandemic potential, but 'not yet' there: WHO chief

The chief of the World Health Organization (WHO) said Monday that although COVID-19 has the potential to become a global pandemic, it has yet to be there based upon WHO assessment.

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  • Doctor soldiers on amid coronavirus outbreak

    Xia Wenfang, a diabetes specialist drafted to the fever clinic at Wuhan Union Hospital of China at the onset of the epidemic, talked about her work in the pressure-cooker environment.

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US pressure pushes Iran further right

Donald Trump's policy of "Maximum Pressure" on Iran has backfired, making the country more conservative to rapprochement with the West.


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