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China denies US-Japan alliance's Diaoyu Islands bearing

The US-Japan alliance, a bilateral arrangement made in the Cold War, should not undermine China's territorial sovereignty and legitimate rights, a Chinese spokesman said on Wednesday.
Japan becomes liability of US in Asia-Pacific

Infrastructure projects set to boost growth

China announced 80 major public infrastructure projects on Wednesday to arrest the economy's slowdown while experimenting with wider access for private and overseas investors.

Body of 3rd Chinese on S. Korean ferry found

The Chinese embassy said Thursday rescuers have recovered the body of a Chinese female passenger drowned after a South Korean ferry capsized, raising the death toll of Chinese nationals in the disaster to three.
Thousands turn up to mourn student victims

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    Go green on Earth Day

    Events held in honor of our planet and to show support for environmental protection on Earth Day.

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Stop 'pressing the brake and accelerator together'

China should loosen its monetary policy and reduce government investment to ensure normal economic growth.


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Shanghai unsure of 2nd child

Shanghai unsure of 2nd child

New survey shows that residents born in the 1980s are not rushing to have a second baby, with 40% of participants saying one child is plenty.

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