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China vies for high-speed railway project in Malaysia

A delegation of major Chinese railway companies began a visit to Malaysia on Monday in a bid to win a multi-billion-dollar high speed railway project.

Chinese Canadians back China's stance on South China Sea

Members from the Confederation of Toronto Chinese Canadian Organizations consisting of more than 80 Chinese Canadian organizations voiced their support for China's stance on the sovereignty issue of the South China Sea at a press conference held yesterday in Toronto, Canada.

Wanda's chief bombards Shanghai Disneyland

The billionaire behind China's Dalian Wanda Group asserted that its rival Walt Disney may face huge obstacles when operating in the country as the iconic US firm is due to unveil its largest theme park in the Chinese mainland next month.

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  • A girl with AIDS and her isolated life

    A girl with AIDS and her isolated life

    A small farm house, a bamboo grove, a bicycle, a skipping rope and a flock of chicken and ducks – this is virtually the whole world for an 11-year-old girl living with AIDS.

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Killing of Taliban chief Mullah Mansour

The death of Taliban leader Mullah Mansour is raising doubts over the immediate future of peace in Afghanistan.


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Hospitals cut back on antibiotic use

Hospitals cut back on antibiotic use

The use of antibiotics in Chinese hospitals has dropped by 40 percent since the top health authority began to curb their overuse, said a senior expert.

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