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China ready to push ties with Poland to higher level: Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday pledged China's willingness to work with Poland to push bilateral relations to a higher level and inject more stability and certainty into a turbulent world.

China's Chang'e-6 brings back first samples from moon's far side to Earth

​The returner of the Chang'e-6 probe touched down on Earth on Tuesday, bringing back the world's first samples collected from the moon's far side.

Chinese premier urges to approach development with broader horizon, mind

Chinese Premier Li Qiang on Tuesday called on countries around the world to face the growth predicament of the world economy squarely and be more broad-minded towards the development issue.

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New quality productive forces for better China and world

Developing new quality productive forces will further stimulate the vitality and potential of China's large market, and inject new impetus into the world economic recovery.


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9 killed, 25 injured in shootings in Russia's Dagestan

Nine people, including seven law enforcement officers, were killed and 25 others injured in shootings in southern Russia's Republic of Dagestan on Sunday.

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