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Ling Jihua investigated for serious disciplinary violation

Ling Jihua, 58, a senior Party official and national political adviser, is under investigation for "suspected serious disciplinary violations."
Profiles: Ling Jihua | China’s anti-corruption drive

US calls for DPRK compensation

The United States on Monday insisted on blaming the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for a cyber attack on the U.S.-based Sony Pictures Entertainment, demanding Pyongyang compensate for the damages caused.
Internet outage seen in DPRK | Pyongyang warns
Obama: cyber attack not 'act of war' | China's stand

Putin: Shrinking trade harms both Russia and EU

Shrinking trade between Russia and the European Union (EU) harms both economies, President Vladimir Putin said Monday, citing falling crude prices and unfavorable financial situations as the causes of the decline.
Beijing willing to assist Moscow | What lies ahead
Obama imposes ban on new investment in Crimea
Risks to China | Russia to retaliate | The roubles

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Russia's choice: What lies ahead...

In face of Western sanctions and a pariah status, Russia can only be saved by China and India. But in order for that to happen, it needs to take urgent steps.


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Essebsi wins Tunisia's presidential elections

The Nidaa Tounes candidate Beji Caid Essebsi won the second round of Tunisia's 2014 presidential elections with 55.68 percent of the votes, the Tunisian Elections Board (ISIE) announced on Monday.

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