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China Talk: Ambassador of Finland to China
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C: So I’d like to extent our great pleasure thanks to your condolence to the victims at the Sichuan earthquake. Next question is Finland has been awarded the most competitive economy from the year of 2002 to 2005, what is the most important reason from your point of view for Finland to win this reward? What kind of valuable experience for China can benefit from the development of Finland?

A: This is a very large question we will have to spend a whole day here if I try to answer this question completely. There is no one single thing that explains why we have been successfully in the creating and maintaining competitive economy. It is a fact that made out of many things but to give you a few key examples, we have a lot of long standing industry traditions in Finland and we have been able to build on that tradition by evaluating and expending our industry to new areas according to the needs of the market and according to the resources we have in our country. We have efficient administration to use public funds and public services are good an especially important public service is education, started from the primary level extending to advanced level. We have few nature resources no oil, no coal, no natural gas, limited resources so we have to do things better than others to succeed and survive. One of the key fact is our recent success had been good cooperation with business unit and university sectors innovations we are needed. In order to compete in the modern society, produced and also explored by companies. So these are some of the factors that I’d like to mention maybe to end this answer, we are always ready for compete with other countries and companies from other countries and also cooperate with those countries. For the last 20 years, China has been a quite example of this, in Finland we have more presents here than countries as our size normally have. We have read the situation that China is the most important trade and investment partner that Finland has. Unfortunately, Chinese company has not yet thought invest in Finland and I want to use this opportunity to invite them to do so, to increase the mutual trades that come out from such cooperation. Only some aspects I could think here but I hope your viewers have some impression that lies behind.

C: As you just mentioned the efficient administration, Finland is international regarded the least corrupted country in the world, could you comment on this aspect?

A: There is no one single thing that explains in fact that we have been listed as the least corrupted country by the transparency international in successful service. I think one important factor behind this situation is that we have a well functioning political and administrate system; this is according to our democratic government. The laws are basically accepted by the population and the population can trust the law signed by the administration and by the system of courts. Also the civilian service is not very well paid but adequately paid, so the civilian servants are do not feel they need to take risk in order to survive in their daily life. And of course there are also immaterial matters such as our historical traditions which make us do trust as our citizens in public institutions we have. However I don’t want to boost much here Finland is a clear country; it doesn’t mean we never had any case of corruption or bribery. And of course the past is not the guarantee for the future, so we have to be on guard to keep this today we have.

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