State Looks to Do Less Planning

Fiscal Revenue Keeps Rising in Last Five Years

Revenue to Top 5 Trillion Yuan in Ninth 5-Year Plan Period
  Comprehensive Control Exercised Over
Seven Major River Basins

Looking Back: A Stable Economy

China Reports Progress in Institutional Reforms

Consumption Pattern Changes Among Chinese People

Rural Residents Earn More

Investments Pave Way for Growth

Foreign Trade Structure Changed

China's Overall National Strength Remarkably Enhanced

A Great Milestone: People's Daily Article

Economy Well on Track to Match Government Plan

Living Standards Improving in China

Over 40 Million Relieved of Poverty

Massive Investment in Infrastructure to
Reinforce Economic Growth

Farmers' Living Conditions Improved

Employment in Agriculture Declines in China

Inland Regions Pick up in Economic Growth

More Job Opportunities for Chinese in 1996-2000

Overseas Investment Assists Economy

China Reports Robust Tax Revenue Growth