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Xi's article on high-quality development to be published

An article on high-quality development, by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, will be published on Sunday.

Premier Li: China-Australia cooperation can cross the Pacific, transcend differences

Chinese Premier Li Qiang said on Sunday that so long as both sides cherish it, the cooperation between China and Australia can cross the vast Pacific Ocean, transcend differences, and achieve mutual achievements and win-win results.

China advances space mission with Europe amid ambitious exploration agenda

The development of in-orbit detectors for a joint China-Europe space mission has been completed, and they are poised for integration into a satellite platform located in Europe within the year.

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  • Chinese crime comedy-drama thrills audiences

    A new Chinese film, "Walk the Line," released during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, takes audiences on a thrilling ride with two police officers as they investigate and fight against gangs and corruption.

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EU's best-laid plan for economic boom is teaming with China

Disputes and frictions may be inescapable between different economies. But in light of their economic structure and sheer size, China and the EU are best served by teaming up on major economic and trade issues.


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Chinese and foreign firms forge closer NEV partnerships

In May this year, Chinese automaker Chery launched a new energy vehicle (NEV) with a driving range exceeding 2,000 kilometers, featuring some tires supplied by German tire manufacturer Continental AG.

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