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Hu Jintao's speech at the Meeting Marking the 30th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up
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(7) We must link enhanced efficiency with the promotion of social equity, in order that all the people can share in the fruits of reform and development--on the basis of economic development --and step up our efforts to build a harmonious society.

Over the past 30 years, we have attached great importance to invigorating society through enhancing efficiency and promoting economic development. We have given equal weight to promoting social harmony through realizing social equity based on economic development. While adhering to the people-first principle, we have focused on solving the specific problems of utmost and immediate concern to the people. We have concentrated our efforts on developing social services and improving our income distribution system. We have also ensured and improved people's livelihoods and pursued a path of common prosperity. All these are aimed at creating a situation in which all people do their best, find their proper places in society and live together in harmony so as to foster a favorable social environment for development.

Realizing social equity and justice is an inherent requirement of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Properly handing the relationship between efficiency and equity is a major task of the program. Efficiency leads to enhanced vitality. Equity helps promote harmony. Only by integrating efficiency with equity can we better reflect the essence of socialism. We try to arouse the initiative of the whole of society in promoting development on the economic and other fronts and stimulate society's creativity and vitality of development to the greatest extent by deepening reform and implementing correct policies. In this critical period in China's reform and development, when profound changes are taking place in our economic system, social structure, pattern of social interests and mindset, we combine enhancing efficiency with improving social equity in a bid to maximize harmonious factors and minimize inharmonious factors, thereby bringing about continued progress in improving economic efficiency and social harmony. We make sure that the aim and outcome of all the work of the Party and the state are to realize, safeguard and expand the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people. We uphold the principle that development is for the people, by the people and with the people sharing in its fruits. We give priority to education, work hard to promote job creation, continue increasing the income of urban and rural residents, accelerate the establishment of a social security system covering both urban and rural residents, speed up the development of the medical and health care system, strengthen social management with concrete steps, and intensify efforts to promote a conservation culture. We are doing our best to ensure that all our people enjoy their rights to education, employment, medical care, pension, and housing. In accordance with the general requirements of democracy and the rule of law, equity and justice, honesty and fraternity, vigor and vitality, stability and order, and harmony between man and nature, we should vigorously develop social services, promote social equity and justice and try to create a lively situation in which everyone is duty-bound to work for and benefits from social harmony.

(8) We must link upholding our independence with participation in economic globalization, taking both the domestic and international situations into account and so contributing to the ideals of peace and human development.

Over the past 30 years, we have highly valued the right of independence that the Chinese people have gained through long-term struggle and never wavered in safeguarding it. At the same time, we have adhered to the basic national policy of reform and opening up. We have been consistent in our efforts to examine the development of China and the world. We have deliberated and devised strategies for China's development based on a philosophy to closely link the domestic situation with interaction situations. We have pursued an independent foreign policy of peace, a path of peaceful development and a win-win strategy of opening up. We have strived to build a harmonious world of lasting peace and common prosperity, create a favorable international environment for China's development and make great contributions to the world's peace and development.

The future and destiny of contemporary China have been closely connected with those of the world. China cannot develop in isolation from the rest of the world, nor can the world enjoy development without China. In the world today, no country that attempts to develop itself with its doors closed is able to succeed. Based on our comprehensive analysis of our external environment, where the trend of world multi-polarization is strengthening and economic globalization is deepening, we have decided to take good use of the opportunities while meeting the challenges arising from the developments and changes in the world today. While upholding independence, we bravely take part in economic globalization. In China, a major developing socialist country with a large population, we must always seek development on the basis of independence and self-reliance. We should always adhere to the social system and development path that the Chinese people have chosen by themselves. We should always put the nation's sovereignty and security above anything else. We should resolutely safeguard China's interests in terms of sovereignty, security and development. We are determined to deal with Chinese affairs according to China's realities by relying on the strength of the Chinese people. We are categorically against foreign forces' intervention in China's domestic affairs. We should decide our stances and policies on all international issues according to the rights or wrongs of the issues concerned while taking into account the fundamental interests of the Chinese people and the common interests of people all over the world. We should observe and cope with situations with cool heads in the spirit of mutual respect and seeking common ground while shelving differences, without yielding to any pressure from the outside. At the same time, we conduct exchanges and cooperation with all other countries on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence. We are committed to promoting world multi-polarization and democracy in international relations. We respect the diversity of the world and are opposed to hegemonism and power politics. We continue to expand our opening-up program and integrate our "bring in" and "go global" strategies. We are eager to draw on all the fine achievements of human society and make full use of our advantages while avoiding disadvantages. We try to gain new advantages for China in international economic cooperation and competition amid economic globalization, while advancing economic globalization in the direction of balanced development, shared benefits and win-win progress. We take good care of the Earth, the only home of human beings, to advance human civilization. We should always hold high the banner of peace, development and cooperation, develop ourselves in the peaceful international environment, and safeguard world peace through our own development.

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