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Hu Jintao's speech at the Meeting Marking the 30th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up
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We attribute all the achievements and progress made over the past 30 years to the following fundamental reason: we have pioneered socialism with Chinese characteristics and established a theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Through the past 30 years of pioneering practice and painstaking exploration, we have gained invaluable experience, which has been expounded as "10 links" by the 17th National Congress of the CPC Central Committee as follows:

(1) We must link adhering to the basic tenets of Marxism with promoting sinicised Marxism, emancipate our minds, seek truth from facts, advance with the times and use the theoretical innovations we have gained from practice as the guiding theory for reform and opening.

The key to China's great achievement over the past 30 years lies in our efforts in adhering to the fundamental principles of Marxism, constantly adapting Marxism to contemporary China's reality and development, and establishing a system of theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics, which comprises the important strategic theories and thoughts of Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of the "Three Represents," and the Scientific Outlook on Development, giving enormous vitality to Marxism in contemporary China.

Marxism was the essential guiding thought for the founding and development of the CPC and the People's Republic, and upholding and consolidating this status of Marxism in China provides the basic guarantees for unity between the CPC and the people and ensuring our country always takes the correct course. Meanwhile, only when Marxism is closely integrated with the actual conditions of China, with the trend of the times, and is constantly enriched and developed through practice, can its role of guiding practice be brought into fuller play. The Third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee redefined the Party's ideological line, namely, that we must proceed from actual situations, integrate theory with practice, seek truth from facts, and test and develop truth through practice. In the course of reform and opening up, we must combine emancipating our minds with seeking truth from facts, vigorously develop a realistic and pragmatic work style, constantly enrich the law of CPC's governance and the law of socialist construction, strengthen our understanding of the law of social development of mankind, conscientiously emancipate our ideological understanding from inappropriate conceptual and institutional shackles and from subjective and metaphysical handcuffs, and rectify our incorrect and dogmatic understanding of Marxism. We have successfully answered a series of major theoretical and practical problems with our theoretical innovations based on practice, thus providing to reform and opening up theoretical guidance that keeps up with the times, grasps the law of development and is creative in nature and broadens the realm of Marxism to a new horizon. The theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics represents our latest achievement in adapting Marxism to China's conditions. It is the Party's invaluable political and intellectual asset, as well as the common ideological foundation for the concerted endeavor of Chinese people of all ethnic groups, and fully embodies the concept of scientific socialism that has taken a firm hold in contemporary China. We must persistently arm the whole Party with and educate the people on this theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, continuously enhance the Marxist theoretical level of all Party members, and let the theoretical system take deep root in the hearts of the people and play a greater guiding role.

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