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Shanghai's ID Card to Go Electronic

The city of Shanghai will be among the first places in China to introduce an electronic identity card for its residents, according to official and business sources.

Zhijiang Airport Being Built in Hunan

The construction of a new airport in south-central China's Hunan Province began Sunday in a bid to improve transportation conditions in the mountainous regions in the west of the province.

Hebei Provides Free Hepatitis B Vaccine to Babies

North China's Hebei province will provide free hepatitis B vaccines to babies born after Dec. 1, 2002, a source from the local department for disease control said.

A Scholar's Ride
on the Celestial Horse

She has served in the Air Force, worked on stage and in film, received a national award for her painting, earned her doctorate in oriental languages and cultures -- and most recently has written a book: Celestial Horses, a study in both word and picture of the role of the horse in Chinese culture, published in 2002, the Chinese lunar year of the horse.

Birth of Victor Hugo Commemorated in China

Guangzhou, capital city of south China's Guangdong Province, began a series of memorial events on Saturday marking the 200th anniversary of the birth of the great French writer, Victor Hugo.

From Checkmate to Soulmate

Zhu Chen calls herself a mermaid in her first autobiography --Lay Piece Without Regrets -- Waits and Dreams of A Mermaid. In many people's eyes, the 26-year-old is more a legend with beauty, wisdom, courage and success. But few know of her failures and tears behind her bright eyes, sweet smile and story of success.

Book Praised

"Although Jing Yi's book (Golden Himalayas) is not a huge work, it carries great symbolic meaning. Although of Bai ethnic group, her work concentrates on another ethnic group. This is a symbol of harmony among the Chinese ethnic groups," said Deng Youmei, vice-chairman of the Chinese Writers Association.

Photographic Book on Philippines Industrialist Published

A photographic book illustrating the life of Lucio C. Tan, a well-known Philippines business tycoon of Chinese origin, was published in Beijing on Thursday.

Britain Presents CD of Ancient Chinese Encyclopedia

A British researcher presented Wednesday China a CD about one book of an ancient encyclopedia -- the Great Encyclopedia of the Yongle (Yongle Dadian), the earliest and largest of its kind in the world.

Experts Urge Collectors To Share World's Earliest Encyclopedia

Chinese and foreign experts on Wednesday urged collectors to share the earliest and largest encyclopedia man has ever had -- the Great Encyclopedia of Yongle (Yongle Dadian) of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

China to Digitalize World's Earliest Encyclopedia

The National Library of China (NLC) will digitalize the world's earliest and greatest encyclopedia -- the Great Encyclopedia of Yongle (Yongle Dadian) of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

China Publishes Photocopies of World's Earliest Encyclopedia

China published Wednesday for the first time photocopies of the world's earliest and greatest encyclopedia -- the Yongle Dadian. It was compiled between 1403 and 1407 in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), containing 22,877 volumes in 11,095 books. "The Yongle Dadian is a treasure of the world. Even a small part of it will be important for scholarship and any effort to publish it is remarkable," said Soren Edgren, editorial director of Chinese Rare Book Project, Princeton University.

Experience Growth �A Book on Study Abroad

Yan Hongli, a high school exchange student from Beijing, was at a loss when her teacher sent her off on a class trip to a park by handing her a lunchbox, a ticket into the park and a letter asking for help just in case she needed it along the way. In China, Yan Hongli抯 experience was that on such a class trip students would be accompanied by the teacher under careful supervision. This is just one example of the kind of educational culture shock that can occur for Chinese who study abroad recorded in Experience Growth �A Report on the Youth Living in the World Community, recently published by the Tianjing Educational Publishing House.

Book Aids Government Procurement

A three-year project by a nationally renowned economic research center to produce a reference book on government procurement has just been completed.

Compilation of World Literature Masterpiece Collection Completed

China has recently published the last group of books in the collection of world literature masterpieces after nine-year long translation and compilation work.

Dictionary for World's Only Women's Language to Be Published

A dictionary for a special language used only by women of an ethnic group in central China's Hunan Province will be published this year. It is one of the efforts to save the language, which is believed to be world's only women's language and is at the edge of extinction.

"Old Shanghai" Comes to Life in Photo-Album

Old Shanghai -- A Lost Age, a new photo-essay album with text by Wu Liang and photos from Shanghai Library, looks back on the Shanghai of the 1930s and 1940s when the city was in its heyday as an international community populated by magnates, gangsters, missionaries, coolie-laborers, refugees and artists. The album contains hundreds of "old pictures" of Shanghai, mostly taken 80 years to a century ago.

Visualizing Urban Life Lost in Time

Apart from Old Shanghai -- A Lost Age, Beijing-based Foreign Languages Press has also published three other similar photo albums on cities: Old Beijing -- In the Shadow of Imperial Throne, Old Beijing -- People, Houses and Lifestyles, and Old Xi'an -- Evening Glow of an Imperial City.

China Publishing Group Established

China Publishing Group -- a publishing giant that includes the People抯 Press, the People抯 Literature Press, the Commercial Press, the Zhonghua Book Company, China Encyclopedia Press, China Fine Arts Press, the People抯 Music Press, the DSX Book Company, China Translation and Publishing Corporation, the Xinhua Bookstore, China International Publishing Trade Corporation, and China Book Import and Export (group) Corporation -- was officially established Tuesday in Beijing.

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