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5G sports live streaming at Wembley Stadium
We've come to London's most iconic sports venue, Wembley Stadium, to find out how 5G will transform live streaming.

Let's talk about 5G with Londoners
All four of the U.K.'s major network providers have switched on their new 5G networks. So, we've come to the streets of London to find out what people think.
Tech innovation is engine of China's software, IT sector
​China's software and information technology (IT) sector is increasingly driven by technology innovation, an industrial survey showed.
China central bank raises limit on small bank payments
China's central bank has temporarily raised the upper limit on small bank batch payments in support of the country's fight against the novel coronavirus-related pneumonia.
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RMB Exchange Rates Jan. 23, 2020
Issued by State Administration of Foreign Exchanges

Currency (Unit:100)RMB

US dollar




Japanese yen


HK dollar


British pound


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