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(The measure was put into effect on Aug. 4th, 2001, and first edited on Mar.22, 2004)

Article 1 China Internet Network Information Center is the registry of the Internet Keyword in China. It takes the responsibility of operating and managing the corresponding Internet Keyword system and to maintain the central database.

The main tasks include:

a) To operate, maintain and manage the Internet Keyword server and related data, ensuring the efficient operation of the Internet Keyword system;

 b) To authorize the Internet Keyword registrar to provide registration services.

Article 2 All registrars shall accept registration applications based on the principle of impartiality and "first come, first serve". All registrars shall complete the Internet Keyword registration procedures in accordance of the relevant domestic laws, provisions and the measures herein.

Article 3 In order for maintaining the interests of the country and the public0, protecting the legal rights of citizens and corporations, and for holding a normal registration order, China Internet Network Information Center carries out reservation measures. The detailed name list will be published separately.

Article 4 The Internet Keyword can be consisted of Chinese characters, ASCII letters (A-Z, a-z, without distinguishing the capitalization), Arabic numbers (0-9) or denotations (-, !), the length limit is no more than 31 characters (each component of the Internet Keyword is regarded as a character).

Article 5 Any of the following contents shall not be included in any Internet Keyword registered and used by any organization or individual:

a) Those that are against the basic principles prescribed in the Constitution;

b) Those jeopardize national security, leak state secrets, intend to overturn the government, or disrupt cf state integrity;

d) Those harm national honor and national interests;

e) Those instigate hostility or discrimination between different nationalities, or disrupt the national solidarity;

f) Those violate the state religion policies or propagate cult and feudal superstition;

g) Those spread rumors, disturb public order or disrupt social stability;

h) Those spread pornography, obscenity, gambling, violence, homicide, terror or instigate crimes;

i) Those insult, libel against others and infringe other people's legal rights and interests; 

 j) Other contents prohibited in laws, rules and administrative regulations.

Article 6 Internet Keyword applicants shall submit their registration information to certain registrar as requested in the registration application form, and sign the registration agreement with the registrar.

Article 7 The Internet Keyword applicant shall guarantee the followings in the registration agreement:

a) To register and use the Internet Keyword complying with the relevant laws and regulations of the Internet, or other regularized documents that has legal effects on the applicant;

b) To comply with the relevant provisions formulated by CNNIC, including "the Internet Keyword Dispute Resolution Policies";

c) The Internet Keyword being applied is consist with the corresponding website or webpage, or has enough pertinence;

d) To submit true, accurate and complete registration information;

e) To register and use the Internet Keyword without any bad faith or any illegal purpose;

f) Not to snatch names that other parties shall possess according to their legal interests.

Article 8 The Internet Keyword applicants may submit their application forms to certain registrars by means of online form filling, e-mail sending and so on. The application date is the day on which CNNIC has received the first effective application form.

Article 9 The following content shall be included in the registration application form of the Internet Keyword:

a) the Internet Keyword that is applied for

b) the URL that the Internet Keyword shall be directed to

c) detailed contact information of the applicant, such as name, postal mail address, postal code, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, and information of contact person.

d) Authentication method and password.

Article 10 The registry and the registrar of the internet keyword offer public information inquiry service (the Internet Keyword WHOIS service). All information available in the application forms without special declarations of the applicants will be put into the database or other publication for public inquiry by CNNIC and registrars.

Article 11 In case the information of an Internet Keyword is changed, the registrant shall timely apply for changing the registration information with the registrar within 15 days thereafter.

Article 12 In case of an Internet Keyword Registrant changes his/her registrar, the former registrar shall take the responsibility to transfer the Internet Keyword registration information.

Article 13 Certain amount of operation fee shall be charged by the Internet Keyword Registrar.

Article 14 In any of the following cases, the registrar shall delete the Internet Keyword concerned: a) the registrant or his/her deputy applies for deleting the Internet Keyword; b)the registered Internet Keyword is not consist with the content of corresponding website or webpage, or has not enough pertinence; c) the registrant snatches the name that other parties shall possess according to their legal interests; d) the registration information submitted is not true, accurate, complete or updated after changes. e) the registrant has not paid off the charges according to the regulation or his/her promise. f) the Internet Keyword that is judged to be deleted by the judiciary institution, the arbitration commission or the Internet Keyword dispute resolution institution. g) there are enough proof to demonstrate the Internet Keyword had raised civil or criminal liability that certain registry, registrar or their staff, contact person or branch institutes shall bare.

Article 15 To delete the Internet Keyword in accordance with relevant regulations herein, the registry shall refund the charges prescribed in Article 13, if the duration is less than 15 days since the application date. However, no fee will be refunded if the registrant or his/her deputy applies for the deletion.

Article 16 In case of a registrant encroaches on other party's legal rights and interests by registering or using certain Internet Keyword, the registrant shall bear the legal liability.

Article 17 The dispute resolution policies of the Internet Keyword will be constituted by CNNIC separately.

Article 18 CNNIC has the right to explain and edit the measure herein in accordance with relevant legal terms, regulations and policies.

Article 19 The measure is put into effect on Aug. 4th, 2001.

 (Note: All translations are for reference only; any terms shall be implemented in accordance with original Chinese version)

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