Jiashan New Industry City | July 18, 2018

What was once a backwater town is now a global city with world-class facilities that inspires innovation.

Drawing from the expertise of international consulting firms like McKinsey, AECOM and Regal Lloyds to develop an urban and economic plan, Jiashan was built with the intention to bring about economic transformation by incubating startups and encouraging innovation.

With industrial, residential and commercial spaces breathing new life into this New Industry City, Jiashan is not just a tourist destination, but a modern watertown to live, work and play.

Established as the heart of the city with the aim to incubate and accelerate businesses, the Shanghai Talent Entrepreneurship Park comprises of e-commerce and data platforms. Jiashan also consists of 3 other zones, specifically Youth e-Commerce, Cross-border e-Commerce Entrepreneurship Parks, and the Fashion Design Industry Park. This city of innovation also pools talent in e-commerce businesses to catalyse development and growth.

In April 2013, a Co-operation Agreement on overall development, construction and operation of designated areas within Jiashan was signed, connecting the city by high-speed rail. With Research & Development as the bedrock of the city, Jiashan is in the fast lane to becoming Shanghai's innovation hub.

Easily accessible by a direct train from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, Jiashan is strategically located at the crossroads of Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou.

Jiashan is also connected to 4 international airports, 3 highways, as well as 3 international cargo ports – all within an hour's reach – to bring about greater connectivity to manage labour division.