China Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd (CFLD) is one of the leading industry city operators in China. Founded in 1998, CFLD aims to innovate and better the lives of communities in China and around the world.

CFLD is governed by four key principles (4C's) in the development of new industry cities, which include:

1. A commitment to green development

2. A commitment to quality of life in our cities

3. A commitment to continuously innovate

4. A commitment to bring industries together

These principles, together with the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, have led to CFLD's successful cooperation with local governments in China and abroad in a bid to boost regional economic and social development. 

By the end of June 2017, CFLD has approximately 28,000 employees in China and around the world.

To date, CFLD has established cooperation with over 4,600 strategic partners in its new industry cities, creating over 64,000 jobs.


  • Gu'an New Industry City

  • Jiashan New Industry City

  • Xianghe New Industry City

  • Karawang

  • Tangerang

  • Dong Saigon

Gu'an New Industry City

A development powerhouse centered on the global commercialization of technology, Gu'an has made much progress in Automotive Engineering, as well as Healthcare and Rehabilitation.

With its focus on the Aerospace, Biomedical and Modern Services industry, this city of innovation is also home to the Gu'an Innovation Space, Gu'an Peptide Valley Biomedical Industry Park and Pilot Trial Incubation Base for Major Technology of Tsinghua University — placing it right at the forefront of technological innovation in China.

Sustainable, liveable and business-friendly, Gu'an has transformed from an agricultural society to an innovation-driven city in just 10 years, recording a fiscal revenue of US$88.4 million and a population of over one million people.

With a smart city operation center and a smart infrastructure operation platform to optimize the allocation and efficient utilisation of urban resources, the city also leverages on infotech systems in urban transport, urban management, as well as early warning systems for natural disasters.

In 2015, Gu'an was ranked third in innovative capabilities and tenth in economic development potential. At the end of the following year, there were 520 business tenants, which include pharmaceutical research institutions, as well as aerospace and IT enterprises — amounting to nearly 130 billion yuan.

With the aim to improve the quality of urban life, Gu'an has evolved into an advanced business incubation system recognized by the government as the leading model for urbanization, and a catalyst for technological transformation.

Jiashan New Industry City

What was once a backwater town is now a global city with world-class facilities that inspires innovation.

Drawing from the expertise of international consulting firms like McKinsey, AECOM and Regal Lloyds to develop an urban and economic plan, Jiashan was built with the intention to bring about economic transformation by incubating startups and encouraging innovation.

With industrial, residential and commercial spaces breathing new life into this New Industry City, Jiashan is not just a tourist destination, but a modern watertown to live, work and play.

Established as the heart of the city with the aim to incubate and accelerate businesses, the Shanghai Talent Entrepreneurship Park comprises of e-commerce and data platforms. Jiashan also consists of 3 other zones, specifically Youth e-Commerce, Cross-border e-Commerce Entrepreneurship Parks, and the Fashion Design Industry Park. This city of innovation also pools talent in e-commerce businesses to catalyse development and growth.

In April 2013, a Co-operation Agreement on overall development, construction and operation of designated areas within Jiashan was signed, connecting the city by high-speed rail. With Research & Development as the bedrock of the city, Jiashan is in the fast lane to becoming Shanghai's innovation hub.

Easily accessible by a direct train from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, Jiashan is strategically located at the crossroads of Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou.

Jiashan is also connected to 4 international airports, 3 highways, as well as 3 international cargo ports – all within an hour's reach – to bring about greater connectivity to manage labour division.

Xianghe New Industry City

Xianghe New Industry City is located in Langfang, Hebei province. It is about 40 kilometers away from Beijing's Central Business District (CBD). It is involved in the core area of the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. 

Robots and artificial intelligence are two major priorities in the development of Xianghe New Industry City, and the cutting-edge technology has become the new impetus to drive local economic development.

The construction of Xianghe New Industry City was officially started in 2009.

It is composed of "two cities and five zones". "Two cities" referred to the New Eastern Industry City and the New Western Industry City; while the "five zones" included a smart industry cluster, a canal cultural leisure area, a high-end equipment industry demonstration zone, an urban agriculture demonstration zone, and a low-carbon living zone.

Five functional areas will be built in Xianghe New Industry City, including an exhibition center, a service center, a cultural and artistic center, a convention center and a sports center.


Strategically located in the heart of the Jakarta-Bandung economic corridor, Karawang boasts an industrial ecosystem fully equipped with international-standard infrastructure and premium amenities.

The manufacturing capital of Indonesia, Karawang encompasses commercial, educational, residential and healthcare facilities, and enjoys unparalleled access to a strong transportation network.

A true global city built for innovation and growth, Karawang has been thoughtfully designed to achieve operational efficiency, higher productivity and sustainable growth.


Located 20 km away from the airport and 31 km away from the CBD, Tangerang has emerged as one of the fastest growing suburbs in Jakarta. Regarded as the new economic center of Indonesia, this rapidly emerging city will boast a vibrant gateway area, an innovation center to bolster opportunities for development, as well as one of the biggest commercial centers in west Jakarta – all complemented by world-class infrastructure and premium amenities.

Primed as the economic center of Indonesia with an immense potential for growth, Tangerang will boast one of the biggest commercial hub in west Jakarta, and also offer spaces from business parks and commercial facilities, to a theme park.

Dong Saigon

A modern living environment established with lush landscapes, Dong Saigon New Industry City enjoys various modern facilities including international-standard commercial, industrial and residential spaces.

Located at the entrance of the upcoming Ring Road 3 in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Saigon is poised to be the new financial, economic and commercial center of the region.

Deemed to be one of the largest green cities in Vietnam, Dong Saigon will also shape the future of sustainable development by incorporating innovation and technology in its planning, design, construction, as well as operation.

Strategically located, this accessible and smart city is well-connected to the economic regions and its surrounding industrial clusters through a well-developed transport network.

Equipped with world-class infrastructure and premium amenities to meet all your business needs, this new industry city is poised to become one of Vietnam's key manufacturing hubs.