Gu'an New Industry City | July 18, 2018

A development powerhouse centered on the global commercialization of technology, Gu'an has made much progress in Automotive Engineering, as well as Healthcare and Rehabilitation.

With its focus on the Aerospace, Biomedical and Modern Services industry, this city of innovation is also home to the Gu'an Innovation Space, Gu'an Peptide Valley Biomedical Industry Park and Pilot Trial Incubation Base for Major Technology of Tsinghua University — placing it right at the forefront of technological innovation in China.

Sustainable, liveable and business-friendly, Gu'an has transformed from an agricultural society to an innovation-driven city in just 10 years, recording a fiscal revenue of US$88.4 million and a population of over one million people.

With a smart city operation center and a smart infrastructure operation platform to optimize the allocation and efficient utilisation of urban resources, the city also leverages on infotech systems in urban transport, urban management, as well as early warning systems for natural disasters.

In 2015, Gu'an was ranked third in innovative capabilities and tenth in economic development potential. At the end of the following year, there were 520 business tenants, which include pharmaceutical research institutions, as well as aerospace and IT enterprises — amounting to nearly 130 billion yuan.

With the aim to improve the quality of urban life, Gu'an has evolved into an advanced business incubation system recognized by the government as the leading model for urbanization, and a catalyst for technological transformation.