What are the features and advantages of CFLD overseas industrial parks? | July 27, 2018

Firstly, CFLD insists that the development of industry is the core. The company has a 4,600-employee industrial development team, which is the largest in the world. The services provided by the team include research planning, project implementation planning, global resource matching, establishment of a multi-tenant hosting platform. Prior to the launch of a new industrial park, CFLD researches the industrial development of the target country and determines the development orientation of the industrial cluster based on the features of the project's location. CFLD also accurately matches China's competitive industrial capacity to the target area's preferred industries in a bid to establish a modern industrial cluster. Currently, many leading Chinese enterprises in key industries have invested and built factories in CFLD's overseas industrial parks, and have welcomed CFLD's high-quality services. 

Secondly, CFLD serves governments and enterprises, both of China and of the target countries. All industrial parks will provide planning facilities, land arrangement, infrastructure construction, public support construction, industrial development and urban operation services for the governments of the target countries. Simultaneously, CFLD helps the Chinese government to promote industrial restructuring, accurately connect advanced domestic industries with advantageous foreign industries and facilitates win-win cooperation. In terms of business services, CFLD provides Chinese enterprises with solutions to help them develop their business overseas. In addition, CFLD also provides local enterprises with high-quality partners. In order to ensure that Chinese enterprises develop well in CFLD industrial parks, CFLD works closely with the target countries' governments to help Chinese enterprises overcome difficulties and reduce the risks presented by local policies and markets so that Chinese enterprises have optimal conditions to manufacture their products.  

Thirdly, CFLD's win-win development strategy is widely accepted by entrepreneurs. Before CFLD plans and prepares for the development of an overseas industrial park, it will proactively learn local economic development strategies to strive for mutually beneficial development. CFLD also seeks advancements in local transportation and electricity, providing a clear boost to the standards for these services, as well as water, gas and other public facilities. These breakthroughs serve not only the Chinese enterprises themselves, but local residents as well. In addition, Chinese enterprises are widely accepted by the governments and people of the countries where their projects are located, as they provide locals with plentiful employment positions, which in turn contributes substantially to local employment and tax revenue. The projects CFLD plans to sponsor in India have also been included in both the China-India Strategic Economic Dialogue which is initiated by China's National Development and Reform Commission, and the China-India industrial parks cooperation working group which is initiated by China's Ministry of Commerce. On May 7, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) hosted the third session of the PPP International Forum, at which a successful CFLD case involving the government of Gu'an county was selected as one of 60 representative sustainable development PPP cases from around the world. It was the only comprehensive urban development case selected from within China.