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Beautiful Jiguan Mountain
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Jiguan Mountain is in Honghua Dyke in Tuchengzi Town of Chifeng City. Rhododendrons covered the city. When looking from the distance, the mountain was like the cockscomb and was very beautiful. It is said that long ago, the place was very poor. One day, the Gold God and Silver God passed by here and found that the landscape was extremely attractive. They sat down and enjoyed the scene while drinking spirits. The two gods drank a lot and fought with each other. They fought for three days and three nights and eventually stopped. Both of their heads were broken and bleeding, which made local people very happy. The blood of the Gold God became a silver hirst and that of the Silver God became a gold hirst. People got to know this and came to the place to dig silver and gold.


One day, a man whose surname was Zhang came to dig gold. The Gold God and Silver God happened to enjoy the landscape. The man was greedy. He picked up a shovel and hit the two gods from the back. The Gold God escaped from death, but the Silver God had no time to escape and died here. Shortly after that, a large mountain with silver light came out from the place where the Silver God fell. It is said that people can find silver ore in the mountain even to this day. The Jade Emperor of Heaven got very angry when hearing the news and sent the Hail Gold to punish the greedy man. After that, the hail fell regularly, and the people's lives became to difficult describe.


The Cock God could not bear seeing people endure this hardship and asked the Hail God to forgive them. The Hail God made one condition: the Cock God shall turn into a mountain and stand beside the Silver Mountain. Therefore, the Cock God bumped on the guillotine in heaven and died. His head dropped down opposite the Silver Mountain, and change into another mountain. After that, people living in the place began to enjoy good lives.


In order to remember the Cock God, people in the area will take tributes and light the lantern to sacrifice to the Cock God at New Year's Eve, a tradition carried on until today.

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