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Alxa League: Heicheng Site
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Heicheng Site is located at 25 kilometers southeast of Dalaihubu Town of Ejin Banner. Itis the most complete protected ancient city along the "Silk Road".

Heicheng was built in the Western Xia Dynasty and expanded in the Yuan Dynasty and became an important post house along the road from the Gansu Corridor to the north of Yunling. It was abandonedat the beginning of the Ming Dynasty. Heicheng has a rectangular shape with a perimeter ofabout two li. With a total length of470 meters from the east to the west and 384 meters from the north to the south, the totalarea of the city is 180,500 square meters. There are five pagodas made of original adobe on the 10 meter-high city wall foundations at the northwestcorner. The ruins of pagoda shaped like an overturned bowl still stand at a height of 12 meters. The pagoda can be seen fromadistance of over 10 kilometers. It is very magnificent and is a symbolic building of Heicheng. A great number of rare relics have been found in the ruins of the city, including the earliest moveable-type print and the earliest currencyof China -- Jiaozi.
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