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Brief introduction to the 13th Session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 13) to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)

1. About the conference (1)Dates: Sept 6 -17, 2017 (2)Venue: Ordos International Convention and Exhibition Center, Ordos, Inner Mongolia autonomous region (3)Sponsor: the secretariat of the UNCCD (4)Organizer: Chinese government (5)Undertakers: the State Forestry Administration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and People's Government of Inner Mongolia autonomous region (6)Participants: around 1,400 representatives from 196 parties to the UNCCD, international organizations and nongovernmental organizations. (7)Main tasks: To implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development proposed by the United Nations; to develop a new strategic framework for COP 13; to ensure Land Degradation Neutrality(LDN) and to raise funds to support it.

2. Guidelines (1) Aims: To fulfill the responsibilities of the UNCCD, exchange ideas and share best practice, and tell China's stories well. (2) Principles: The basic principles of this year's conference is "innovation, frugality, openness and green". Innovation: to use the "Internet plus" and modern technologies such as sound, light, and electricity to design the conference with global and domestic characteristics. Frugality: to improve the facilities and equipment based on the existing resources according to the requirements of the conference, in order to hold a magnificent yet simple event. Openness: to welcome more countries to bring their cutting-edge technologies and products, and help the world understand China and connect China with the world. Green: to uphold the principles of low-carbon, high-efficient and green development in venue placement, event organization, participation, transportation, accommodation, catering and event publicity.

3. Theme Join hands to combat desertification and promote the welfare of mankind

4. Major expected achievements (1) New Strategic Framework of the Convention At the COP 13, the Parties will decide on the 2018-2030 Strategic Framework drafted by the secretariat of the UNCCD and try to realize Land Degradation Neutrality. (2) Voluntary target reports According to the resolution made at the COP 12, all countries will submit their voluntary targets on zero net land degradation.China will submit its target report for 2030. (3) Ordos Declaration The Ordos Declaration will be released, with focus on the Parties' general consensus, ecological civilization, as well as China's development path of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, it will introduce China's successful practices and models on desertification control to the outside world. (4) Cooperation mechanism for combating desertification along the Belt and Road Countries experiencing serious desertification along the Belt and Road will be invited to launch a cooperation mechanism under the framework of the Belt and Road Joint Action Initiative for Combating Desertification, the cooperation mechanism is aimed to improve information sharing and exchange and promote the prevention and control of desertification along the Belt and Road. (5) Youth Initiative on Global Desertification Control The Youth Initiative on Global Desertification Control will be issued to increase environmental awareness among young people and encourage them to participate in desertification control.

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