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VI-5 Question
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VI-5 Question: In recent years, China has organized a series of large-scale culture exchange activities to introduce Chinese culture to the world. What other channels will China use to promote its culture in the world? What are the government policies in this regard?

A: One cannot understand a country without learning about its culture. In recent years, China has organized many culture exchange tours to other countries to present Chinese culture to the world.

According to statistics, China has signed cultural exchange agreements with 148 countries, and has signed 850 cultural exchange action plans. China has conducted cultural exchanges with about a thousand international cultural organizations. Each year, 1,600 cultural exchange projects bring an average of 32,000 people together. The scale of recent culture exchange activities is unprecedented since the founding of the people's republic in 1949.

While the government coordinates these cultural exchange activities, the civilian and the private sectors are encouraged to play a key role. Below are some of the government's plans:

First, launch significant cultural exchange projects at appropriate times, including large-scale cultural activities such as cultural year, cultural week and cultural day.

Second, maintain stable cultural exchange relations with countries in the world. The government can facilitate these cultural exchange activities by negotiating cultural exchange plans and sponsoring civilian exchange activities, and encourage private sectors to promote the culture through business operations.

Third, set up overseas cultural exchange centers. Right now, Chinese cultural centers are running in Valletta (Malta), Paris (France), Cairo (Egypt), and Seoul (South Korea). In the next five to 10 years, China is going to start cultural exchange centers in 20 to 25 other countries.

Fourth, insert cultural exchange activities in the celebration of traditional Chinese holidays such as the Spring Festival and National Day. Continue to host international cultural or art festivals as well as international arts competitions. These cultural exchange activities will help China to become a cultural center in Asia and in the world.

Fifth, actively participate in multilateral cultural activities, and expand cooperation with international organizations such as UNESCO, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIIPO), and the Asia-Europe Foundation. Explain China's peaceful development and cooperation policies while participating in multilateral activities, and enrich world culture.


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