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IV-1 Question
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IV-1 Question: In 2005, Chinese President Hu Jintao proposed the concept of constructing a harmonious world at the plenary meeting of the United Nations. What does a harmonious world mean to China's diplomacy? What efforts will China make to construct a harmonious world?

A: The concept of a harmonious world, proposed by President Hu, has aroused concerns and been well received around the world.

Besides actively proposing a harmonious world, China has done much to contribute to this goal. China has the most neighboring countries in the world, among which are big powers and small countries. Developing sound relations with these developed and developing neighbors is a major part of China's diplomatic strategy and important contribution to a harmonious world. Toward this end, China has actively resolved border disputes with related countries. Since 1999, China settled its border of 4,300 km with Russia, as well as land and sea borders at the Beibu Bay with Viet Nam. The country has also taken measures of mutual trust and raised the level of border negotiations with countries with land borders including India. On the issue of the Nansha Islands, China tried all possible means to decrease the possibility of military conflict and reach consensus with related countries, on the precondition of insisting sovereignty belongs to China and the principle of shelving disputes and exploits jointly.

Meanwhile, China is shouldering more responsibilities in international affairs. So far, the country has dispatched more than 6,000 peacekeepers, the most among the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. China has also provided assistance to both developed and developing countries suffering natural disasters such as Indian Ocean earthquakes and tsunami and hurricanes in the United States. Under the guidance of the harmonious world concept, China has maintained sound relations and effective cooperation with the vast majority of countries and regions in the world, exerted important influence among international bodies including the UN and regional organizations such as the Associations of Southeast Asian Nations, promoted the peaceful solution of Iranian and North Korean nuclear issues, and advocated just and reasonable international political and economic orders.


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