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II-1 Question
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II-1 Question: As part of China's effort in political reform, the Chinese Government is energetically pushing forward the reform of its administrative system. What is the basic goal of the reform? On which aspects have reform efforts been focused?

A: Since the early 1980s, China has conducted five rounds of government institutional reform. As a result, functions of the government have been dramatically transformed, with an administrative system suitable to the market economy taking initial shape. However, against the goal and requirements of building a government based on the rule of law, there is still enormous room for improvement in the current administrative system. For instance, transformation of government functions is yet to be completed. Improper administrative actions, administrative loopholes and overlapping of administrative functions remain existent. The organizational structure of government agencies and their power and responsibilities need to be defined in a more scientific way, and their capability in administration by law needs further improvement. Therefore, accelerating the government administrative reform is crucial to furthering China's comprehensive reforms.

In the next five years, the Chinese Government will give priority to deepening the administrative reform. The basic goal is, by transforming government functions, to build a well-functioned, fair, transparent, clean and efficient government, which will devote its duties to economic regulation, market supervision, social administration and public service. Consequently, the government will become service-oriented, dedicating its energy to helping solve difficulties for various market players and create a sound market environment. It will also observe the rule of law in administration in an all-round way and subject itself to the supervision of law.


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