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Dalai clique wants to make Olympics its hostage
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The Dalai clique is trying to make the upcoming Olympic Games its hostage by tying it to the Tibet issue, said a commentary published in Tuesday's Global Times.

"The Dalai clique tries to talk some countries into linking the Tibet issue with the Beijing Olympic Games for they think the Olympics might be their last chance," said the article written by Yi Duo in the Beijing-based newspaper.

The article listed three news reports on the Dalai clique's website.

On Dec. 18, the Dalai Lama said during a visit to Italy that China deserved to host the Olympic Games but it needed to take into account criticism raised by foreign governments and international organizations about its human rights record, religious freedom and environmental protection.

On Dec. 20, he told Cicero, a Germany-based magazine, that the Beijing Olympic Games would be a good chance to remind people of the Tibet issue.

In his speech on the anniversary of the so-called "Tibet uprising" in 1959 on March 14, he said, "Besides sending their athletes, the international community should remind the Chinese government of these issues (freedom of speech and expression). I have come to know that many parliaments, individuals and non-governmental organizations around the globe are undertaking a number of activities in view of the opportunity that exists for China to make a positive change. I admire their sincerity".

"Even if the Dalai Lama himself just wanted to link the Games with the Tibet issue, his followers and supporters made their intentions very clear," said the article.

Lordain, chairman of the working department of "2008 Free Tibet Movement", said in Dec. 2004, "People around the world will pay close attention to China (for the Olympics) and that gives us a unique opportunity to bring political pressure to the Chinese government".

In September, the "Tibet Youth Congress (TYC)", a hard-line organization under the Dalai Lama's supporters that openly preaches violence, passed a decision to mobilize as many as Tibetans living outside China, especially those in North America, to return to Tibet during the Games, the article said.

Karma Qoipei, "speaker" of the "Tibetan parliament-in-exile", said on Feb. 7, "We should seize the chance of the Beijing Olympic Games, launch activities and force the Chinese government to solve the Tibet issue in 2008 or within the next two years".

In a statement issued on March 10, the "TYC" said, "Now we should grapple the most important chance, which never occurred before during our struggle for independence, the Olympic Games".

On the same day, after careful selection, 101 hardcore members set off from Dharamsala, where the "Tibetan government-in-exile" is based, to unleash the so-called "Tibetan people's uprising".

"Their careful organization and instigation finally 'paid back' with great loss of life and property in Lhasa on March 14," the article said.

During the unrest, 18 civilians and one policeman were killed and the violence spread to other Tibetan-inhabited regions in China.

In the following days, rioters attacked a dozen Chinese embassies and consulates, including those in the United States, India, Britain and France.

Under the backdrop of pervasive violence, the Dalai clique went on to advocate the boycott of the Beijing Olympic Games with their supporters in Western countries.

Towards the violence in Lhasa, the Dalai Lama acted in a puzzling manner, said the article.

On March 16, he told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that he would not ask the rioters to stop. But two days later, he said at a press conference that he was in great sorrow and sympathy of the violence.

Compared with him, his supporters were more outspoken. Cewang Rigzin, the "TYC" president, said at a meeting on March 20 that the violence had "achieved its goal" to "awaken resistance among people in Tibet and attract high-profile international attention to the Tibet issue". But the struggle "will not stop and this incident is just the prelude of this year's fight".

"I guess this is what they really have in mind," the article said. "They just want to make the Olympic Games their hostage but not to be blamed for triggering violence."

(Xinhua News Agency April 1, 2008)

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