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TYC, a terror group worse than Bin Laden´s
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Terrorist organizations are notorious for their activities like explosions and aircraft hijacking. But few people had heard about "Tibetan Youth Congress". It is not until the Lhasa riot erupted on March 14th that people began to know about this group.

Founded in 1970, with 30,000 members and nearly 70 branches worldwide, "Tibetan Youth Congress" is made up of descendents of Dalai and other Tibetan aristocrats in exile. It alleged the "complete independence of Tibet" on the first day of its establishment, and later became the right core of Dalai Group. It has always been engaging in activities to split China, and it cannot shirk the responsibility for the Lhasa riots happened not long ago.

"Tibetan Youth Congress" regards "Violence" and "terrorist activities" as its "primary tasks" to achieve Tibet's independence. Its ex-president once said: "we have to achieve our goal by any means, be it violence or non-violence." Dalai's brother made it more direct: "terrorist activities can reap maximum efforts with minimum cost". These remarks tell this group is no different from any other terrorist groups in the world.

The Lhasa riots are actually the "masterpieces" premeditated by "Tibetan Youth Congress". A journalist at Asia Week detected this group’s vicious plan on his trip to India as early as last August. On January 4th and 5th 2008, seven "Tibet Free" Organizations held a press conference in New Delhi and released the so-called "Tibetan Uprising Movement" Proposals. When their proposals were not fully taken by the Chinese government, they directed the riot on March 10th, their so-called "deadline". When failing to get what they expected, they plotted another series of attacks, looting and burning which took away many innocent people’s lives and property.

Massive aggressive weapons confiscated from the residence of monks by police after the riots has proved the violent nature of "Tibetan Youth Congress". According to Wu Heping, a spokesman from the Ministry of Public Security, the confiscated weapons include 178 guns, 13013 bullets, 359 knives, 3504kg explosive devices, 19360 primers and 2 grenades. How destructive it would be if these weapons were added together! If "Tibetan Youth Congress" was not a terrorist organization, what else would it be?

Terrorists never take people's lives seriously. The day after March 14th, instead of mourning for victims, "Tibetan Youth Congress" couldn't wait to hold a meeting in India and later passed the decision on armed struggles by setting up guerilla. The head of the group claimed they were ready to sacrifice at least 100 Tibetan’s lives for the utter success.

On March 25th, the second day after the Beijing Olympic flame was lit in Greece, about 50 "Tibetan Youth Congress" members lit the torch symbolizing "the Independence of Tibet" in Dharmsāla, India, where Tibetan government-in-exile locates. But their torch is unable to become the "flame" in the hearts of peace-loving people; on the contrary, it unveils its true face to the whole world.

(China Daily April 11, 2008)

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