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We don't want to see terrorist groups, but we are not afraid of them
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By Liu Xiaosi

The Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) was founded on October 7, 1970 in Dharamsala where the "Tibetan government-in-exile" is based. It alleged the "complete independence of Tibet" on the first day of its establishment, and later became the right core of Dalai Group. The TYC directly planned and organized the violent incidents in Lhasa on March 14, including beating, smashing, looting and arson; organized and initiated the "Tibetan People's Uprising Movement", and even raised a terrific hue and cry of establishing guerrilla forces to attack Tibet.

As Al-Qaida terrorists did in September 11 Incident in the United States, the TYC injured and killed many ordinary people in the violent incidents in Lhasa on March 14. Ordinary, unarmed people have become its targets of attacks. So, isn't it a terrorist group? It is absolutely not right for us to be generous and kind to terrorists. In terrorists' eyes, ordinary people are vital factors for them to bargain. Even one step we retreat will harden their resolve to continuously deprive ordinary people of their rights. Any government who let such evil practices drift is not accountable to its people and the public. Any human social progress never depends on depriving the majority of their rights to reach the suit and expectation of the minority.

Objectively, we are not willing to see terrorists because our goal of social development is "harmony". However, this does not represent that we feel simply helpless to deal with terrorist attacks once they happen. Responsibly speaking, we are not afraid. We have numerous people's supports including those from compatriots in Tibet. When Han people were attacked in the riots in Lhasa, many Tibetan people lent their helping hands. When Han people cried, they cried, too. All these show that most Chinese people do not put the role of nationality at the first place.

The reason that the TYC put the nationality at the supreme place is nothing but the hope of reaching the suit of their interests. A basic and universal value of the society is to guarantee each individual interest in the largest degree. But this kind of values does not mean it suits terrorists at the same time. That is to say this kind of universal values is not suitable to terrorists at all, because the process of their suits for interests is the process of violating ordinary people's rights and lives.

So, while deeply grieved and weeping in sorrow for victims in the riots in Lhasa on March 14, we should pluck up our spirit and be fully psychologically prepared for any terrorist attacks. Of course, the most important is that the state should combat heavily the possible terrorist attacks, as the government of the United States did to the Al-Qaida organization, and as the government of Russia did to the Chechnyan armed terrorists.

(China.org.cn April 11, 2008)

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